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  1. I am purging the crap from my garage. See below for the goods. First Come - First Served. I live is Issaquah. So Eastside meet-up locations are ideal. Email me if interested. thomas.lindsley@gmail.com Hardware: SOLD: 9 SMC Snow Stakes, 11.75in - $4 for the bunch SOLD: 5 SMC Snow Stakes, 10in - $2 for the bunch (or free if you buy the 9 11.75. SOLD: 10 Assorted lightweight backpacking tent stakes - $1 (free if you buy the snow stakes). 1 Figure 8 - $2 1 Oval - $1 1 Chock Pick - $1 SOLD: 1 Pair Leki 3 Section Trekking Poles $8 (with snow baskets & spare parts) 1 BD Binding Buddy (binding tool) $1 6 Cans of propane (various level of fuel) - Free 2 Space Blankets - $1 each 1 Compass - $5 1 Sweetwater replacement Filter cartridge $2 1 Pair Stubai Aluminum Crampons (Universal Toe & Heal) - $10 SOLD: 1 Thermarest Inflatable Seat Pad - $5 SOLD: 1 Arc'teryx Chalk Bag - $1 1 Pair Sportiva Men's Cliff (Climbing Shoe, size 42) - $8 Soft Goods SOLD: 1 Lightweight Hammock - $10 SOLD: 1 OR Alpine Hat (Gore Windstopper) Never Worn - $3 SOLD: 2 Pair Seal Skinz waterproof oversocks $3 per pair SOLD: 1 Pair OR Verglass Waterproof/breathable Shell Mittens - $6 SOLD: 1 SeaLine 20 Liter Dry Bag - $5 SOLD: Various Stuff Sacks & Compression Sacks - Free if you buy anything on this list. SOLD: 1 Tent Towel - Free if you buy anything on this list 1 SeaLine Bailing Sponge - Free if you buy anything on this list.
  2. FS: Lots of Miscellaneous Crap

    Everything Sold.
  3. FS: Cold Cold World Chaos Size Large $80. Very Lightly Used. The pack is in great shape and still bomb-proof as ever. It's yours for just $80. Photo of pack is below. Peep the link below for pack specs. Email me at this address if you are interested. thomas.lindsley@gmail.com http://www.coldcoldworldpacks.com/chaos.htm
  4. FS: Lots of Miscellaneous Crap

    I'm in Issaquah.
  5. FS: Lots of Miscellaneous Crap

    Poles are $8.
  6. Mt Shkhara First Ski Descent Movie at Marmot

    Happens this Saturday at 7:00 pm. Come join us. Should be a great show.
  7. Nemo Tenshi?

    So...the Nemo Tenshi single wall eVent appears to be a bad mamma jamma. http://www.nemoequipment.com/products_tents_tenshi.asp Anyone been able to fork out the dough for one of these bad boys and use it in super crappy conditions? Been thinking of selling my left nut up for one. Also looking at the Summit Extreme by Outdoor Designs. This one appears to be a kick-ass tent as well. http://www.rab.uk.com/products_shelter_summitex.html
  8. Was in Marmot store in B-vue today and overheard some people talking about some top-roping and sport routes along WA-900 between Issaquah and Renton. Anyone know anything about this? Worth my time or not? Better to go to Little Si or 38 instead? Thanks
  9. Great report Chris. Weather is supposed to be amazing today so I hope your team is successful on Tahoma.
  10. Climb: The Brothers (Failed Attempt)-South Col Date of Climb: 6/3/2006 Trip Report: Trip report w/photos written by climbing parter here: http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/faculty/cwillett/local/brothers/index.html Gear Notes: Ice axe Brain Bucket Whiskey Approach Notes: Great snow all the way up the gulley.
  11. You're right about the teacher part but the field is way off. He's a calculus professor.
  12. Accident in Leavenworth

    Crap!!! I know everyone that was in the Yellow Jacket climbing party that day. I pray that he recovers okay.
  13. Simple April Alpine Climbs?

    I have very basic mountaineering experience and would like to get my feet wet on a non-technical alpine climb this month. Been looking around at tons of route descriptions but can't seem to find any that are appropriate for my level of experience. Any climb ideas in western WA that would allow me to get my feet wet without getting in over my head would be appreciated. Looking for anything that doesn't require rock pro or crossing terrain higher than class 2 or 3. Thanks
  14. Simple April Alpine Climbs?

    Thanks ideas guys. After reading Klenke's TR on Bedal Peak, I think I'll do a bit more route research and knock that one out of the way.
  15. Nemo Tenshi?

    I'm super paranaoid of eBay. $350 for a $675 tent? Don't know why but I always assume ebay folks are shady fuckers.
  16. Nemo Tenshi?

    I read a review for the Polaris on backpackinglight.com and was impressed with this one as well. Just didn't like all the guy lines come out of it. Do like the fact that it has a vestibule. The Nemo and Summit Extreme are both lacking one.
  17. MSR XGK Stove

    Something you don't like about the Belay Parka?
  18. Sent a pm to you, Arc.
  19. Nemo Tenshi?

    I thought that too because ID quit making their MK1 out of eVent. Then I found the Tenshi and Summit Extreme. Was pleased to see that it's still in use. What I don't get is WHY ID quit using it for a tent. They still use it for their bivy sacks.
  20. Nemo Tenshi?

    I know it's tiny. Not too good for gettin' freaky deaky with the big girls but....it still appears to be one heck of a machine for what I need. Just too so darned pricey.
  21. Okay folks....I know this question has probably been asked a million times but I need to ask it anyway. Down or synthetic fill for a mountaineering bag? I understand that a down bag is highly compressable, warm, and must be kept dry, and weigh less that synthetics. I also understand that a synthetic will insulate when wet but is bulkier and heavier than down. So....with that said....for those of you that use down for mountaineering / climbing....how do you go about keeping it dry? You use a bivy sack? If so....what are the best bivy sacks out there? I've been looking at some of the sacks made by Integral Designs with the eVENT fabric. eVENT appears to be better at breathing than Gore-Tex according to the gear reviews I've been reading. F*ck....looks like I went on too much. SO...down or sythetic. That is the question. What do you prefer and why?
  22. Snowshoeing Sucks

    Went snowshoeing yesterday at Snoqualmie ski area. Expected rain at the base and snow up high. Not a chance. We got rained on the entire time. Legs are sore today from moving through heavy, wet snow. Saw a few folks cruising on cross country skis. They appeared to be having more fun due to the ease of movement. I was jealous. Snowshoeing sucks. That's all. Thank you.