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  1. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    I agree with you IceIB. I used to carry a mini traxion for a couple of years, just became a 2 ounce paper weight now......
  2. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    If you can learn a 6:1 then what is the big deal with learning and remembering a 9:1.....Its simple. So then get a different book.
  3. Sounds good man, hit me up later.
  4. Need to climb now !!!

    Sorry, I just wouldnt drag you up Rainier for a speed climb just because you had nothing to do...which is what I ended up doing anyway.....lol Went up to Ingraham flats and played in my favorite crack........ I'll be keeping ya in mind for the future.
  5. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    Anyway.......I just got back from testing the DMM Revolvers, and as I suspected......NO GOOD as Pulley for crevase rescue due to an unstable platform. I like them, just not any better that a good ole' PM Pulley...... Thats it.......
  6. Crevase rescue gear for 2

  7. I heard it from a friend

  8. packs for sale

    Can ya post the pic of the Arc’teryx Khamsin 62 on here. Im interested....However, just wanna see for now..
  9. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    I just bought 3 DMM Revolvers and wanna see if I can tinker with my Tiblocs and made them work sorta speak. I think they will be ok, but with weight shifting, they may become a problem due to the pulley not securing the rope in, so we will see what happens under real weight. I will be up on the hill in about 2 hrs, and will put them throught the ringer with my work partner.
  10. Respect for others on Rainier

    Well said Dru.
  11. Need to climb now !!!

    It helps if you tell us what you would like to climb...... Im actually in the mood to do a climb on my 2 wks off.... Leaning towards Hood for the hell of it.
  12. crevasse rescue practice anyone?

    I Just read my PM...and Im down to do the route..... 6 pack is cooling up as we speak... Call u in a minute or 7
  13. Eagle Peak photos

    Why dont you go up there and take them....just asking....
  14. I plan to head up HOOD this week and wouldnt mind some company.......Six pack will be in the pack. Ive never climbed it, and would like some decent company, no alchoholics, because, I dont plan to give up my half of the beer.
  15. Share a six pack on MT HOOD this week?

    OK, what a bottle of Ol' E?.........Jesus!
  16. tool leashes

    Maybe its time to play leashless, I mean your belayer has to wear a helmet regardless.
  17. advice in purchase of new rope

    What if you really need extra line to setup a cz and or other systems...what then....? Im not challenging you by all means, I like to long rope, short rope, and all of the styles out there, however, the margin is there, what happends when ya need the extra line? Id like to try the 37m method myself, just have to find a way to play with the idea on a 3 man team.
  18. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    I dont like alternatives, cause of the high friction.... How many of you have ever lifted someone using biners as pulleys....? Its a bitch isnt it? If you every have: 1) You wished you did used pulleys cause your exhausted, and cursed yourself for not carryng 2 xtra ounces. 2) Your climb may be ended due to your partners exposure to the elements while you were working your heart off trying to lift him. 3) Do you want that?.....Is it worth it...?
  19. Hey Clint.....I gotthis whole week off and would like to sink my pick in ova on the fan seracs on the Nysq..... Wanna come........? Or anyone else?......Ill bring the six pack and smokes....lol
  20. girlsclimb

  21. Game Over!

  22. I might be off a few days in August that I can play....I'll let ya know..
  23. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    I guess no one is gonna take this seriously....no problem, I already have all the material for my book someday, however, this is a serious climbing forum, and i know there are serious climbers here like myself. I do rescue work for a living, and have to remain on top of things, but like to share, and learn from others 'cause Im not stuck up or sucked into my job so much that I forget who I was before.....