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  1. Climbing Partners - Jan 17 - 27

    Jason, I have to return to work early and cancel the part of my trip to the Cascades. Very disappointing. I'm hoping I can reschedule it. I'll contact you if it happens. Chriz, the the catwalk is higher up. It's the final part of the ridge. There are a couple narrow ledges which can only be passed if the snow conditions are right.
  2. Climbing Partners - Jan 17 - 27

    Hi Bob, Sorry I can't help you out with Ouray; After Shasta, I am flying from Reno to SLC, then riding with others to Ouray. My ideal plan for Shasta is to climb to base camp on Friday, summit Saturday, probably stay at camp Saturday night, and return to Bunny Flat early Sunday morning. I just climbed Casaval Ridge earlier this month, though we opted out of the Catwalk; so I am considering Casaval again, or maybe Sargents/Green Butte. -Tony
  3. I have three weeks away from work in January. Starting with Mt. Shasta Sargent's Ridge, then family time with the in-laws, then Ice Climbing Festival in Ouray, CO. After that I will drive north from Sacramento on the 16th. I am looking to do any climbs in the Cascades with available partners. -Tony (pietri@earthlink.net)
  4. Join for Rainier climb in Jan.

    I am interested in talking with you. I have a two-week window to climb and I am trying to put together a plan. -Tony