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  1. Vantage Fundraiser March 20th

    Thank you for doing this! I remember submitting a petition for this over ten years ago. Best wishes on your fundraising efforts.
  2. Climb: Vantage-Riverview Date of Climb: 10/21/2005 Trip Report: Not a soul but us two. I've never seen this crag empty before. Wow. 70-degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Our lucky day! Highlight of the day was a .10a classic with reach/balancy move just before a flake about six feet from the anchors.
  3. Lost Minolta

    Like a dolt, I believe I left my little digital Minolta on the top of the car before leaving the Snow Ck. parking lot last Sat. Any sightings? Anybody willing to offer up for a steak dinner finders' fee? -Natalie