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  1. Wild Things Andinista: Been in my closet for too many years. Had great plans but age and knees have caught up with me..no Robson, Columbia, or Mt Bryce in my future. This is one of the last years from Wild Things when they were still in North Conway. Specs: 51 ounces weight, side compression zippers adjust volume 5000-3000-1800 cu., also came with side compression straps, extendable and removable lid with 3 generous size compartments, daisy chain loops sides and back, side ski loops, ice tool tubes, compression molded shoulder straps and waist belt, waist belt is removable and has integral gear loops, shoulder straps with load stabilizer straps, waist belt with side stabilizer straps, full length bivy sleeve, and removable foam pad internal frame. This is the pack form the company that started “ lite is right”. This pack is size medium so fits torso length 18-21 inches. 225.00$
  2. Cleaning out the closet, these are size XL which in Latok/Lowe really means fits waist 36 +/- an inch or so. Selling with 2 pair of wool knicker socks size 42-44, because no one really has knicker socks around. These would be great alpine climbing knickers. Material is abrasion resistant and finish is such that it will shed snow unlike most wool. There is a little bit of stretch. Zipper pockets, 2 front, 1 rear. Cut is a high waist. Adjustable braces/suspender straps. Asking 80$.
  3. Scarpa inverno boots, shell size is 10/11, I wear euro 44 or us 10, they fit just fine. Plenty of climbs left in these boots, thanks for looking.Email if interested, am in Seattle
  4. Asolo GTX hiking boots for sale, US size 10 / 43.5 euro, good shape used handful of times just do not fit my feet, maybe they fit yours? Asking 85$, On the Eastside, thanks for looking hope to hear from you. Manufacturer's Description: One-piece water-resistant 1,8 mm suede leather upper. Gore-Tex lining, waterproof and breathable. Lasting board with Duo Asolflex technology. Midsole in PU mono density. Asolo highly technical sole, the balance of the outsole has self-cleaning lugs designed for optimum performance on varying types of terrain. Classic lacing system. Toe rubber cap. Brand Asolo Style Boot, Active Active shoe style Hiking Department Men Size 10 Material Rubber, Nylon, Genuine Leather, Genuine Suede
  5. +1 to Pindude I work on the engineering side of the wireless telecom fence, and there is no way that style of climbing would comply with one of our PO's/contracts. Broadcasters may have different standards/contracts, but seriously those guys work practices were begging for a beatdown.
  6. RE your Verizon phone on S side Rainier... CDMA phones use a timing offset to identify sites in the network. If the site your phone is seeing is too far away, the phone will falsely identify the offset due to timing delay. Depending on how Verizon has the network set up, this will limit communication range to about 10-15 miles. Shorter version: The phone can see the site, but the call fails because it is asking for service from the wrong one.
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