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  1. FS: 5.10 climbing shoes

    M's Anasazi SOLD W's Anasazi and Dragons left
  2. FS: 5.10 climbing shoes

    Anybody want a pair of Dragons....Bump!
  3. FS: 5.10 climbing shoes

    I've got 3 pairs of 5.10 climbing shoes to sell, and a free chalk bag goes to the first buyer! My wife and I bought the shoes online and found out they were just too small. 1) W's Anasazi's sz. 36.5 (US W's 6). Worn once, rubber looks like new. Retails for $144.95. Asking for $60! 2) W's Dragon sz. 38 (US W's 7.5) Shoe runs small. Also, worn once, rubber looks like new. Retails for $149.95. Asking $60! 3)M's Anasazi sz. 39 (US M's 6.5) Worn a few times, slight scuffing on the sole, but look almost new. Retails for $144.95. Asking $50! Will email more pictures if you're interested.
  4. Smith rock accident?

    Sad news. I heard the airlift that day. That's the second trad accident in as many weeks at smith, as there was one the week before where a woman (I believe) dislocated her elbow above phoenix butress. Best wishes to all involved
  5. Wolf Rock Access

    FYI for all y'all who like to climb at wolf rock and don't already know. As of last week the 15 road was freshly graded from the south and is clear to Wolf Rock. I'm not sure if access from the north is open yet, but 2 weeks ago you couldn't get anywhere on the 15 road from the north.
  6. Smith Rock Camping

    Here's my 2 cents: If you have a parking permit already the Hollow is the place to be, and way more fun with fires and all. But, seeing that it's $3 to park at Smith and only $4 to camp (including a shower normally $2) that may be the way to go. I personally like the grasslands, but I may stay at the bivy if I had no season pass.
  7. Cutting dynamic rope

    Take it to your local climbing shop they should do it for free with their hot knife (rope cutter)
  8. Right of Phoenix

    Thanks guys, I didn't see them in the red supplement, but mine's from '05 so it may have changed. I just did entering relativity last weekend, it is a long route, but fun. Thanks again.
  9. NW resolers??

    Any good, bad ugly experiences with mountain soles in pdx?
  10. Right of Phoenix

    Anyone know what the routes to the right of phoenix buttress at smith are and what the ratings are. No one I've talked to really seems to know much about those routes. Cheers.
  11. TRANGO / #1 Max Cam Recall

    Just got my cam back from the recall. Trango's got a class operation! May seem small, but the sent a wiregate carabiner back with a new cam, and only took about a week. I'm very happy with the speed of the response.
  12. Index - Friday 4/7

    I'd like to go if you can handle someone who can maybe follow 5.10a at index.
  13. Fave wiregates?

    I like the DMM spectres (35 g) and OP JCs.
  14. C3's

    Anybody tried/or plan to try the new BD C3s? How do y'all think they compare to the Metolius TCUs and/or the Wild Country Zeros? I'm thinking about adding them to my rack.
  15. Going to be in Bend next week. Need a partner for moderates (<5.11) at Smith. PM me if interested.