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  1. Patagonia Finn approach shoe.

    So you are saying they are not as sticky as Montrail Hardrocks. I have used my Hardrocks for many a class 3 climb. Are the Finns not recommended for that?
  2. Fur Sale: Mammut Champ, BD Alpine Pant

    What color are the Alpine pants? THanks
  3. More closet cleaning

    Condition of Whisperlite? PayPal? Thanks email sent
  4. Valandre vs. Western Mountaineering

    Nunatak in Twisp Washington I have Nunataks Skaha Plus and the Arc Specialist bag. I just ordered the Arc Alpinist 20 degree bag with overfill to be my 0 degree winter bag. Usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the goodies. I will layer with Patagonia Micropuff pants and DAS or the Skaha. There is even a Arc Edge 5 degree quilt. Anything he has can be tailored to you with choices in fabric. After sleeping in a quilt instead of a bag I can't go back to a bag.
  5. Yeah, that table looks as heavy as shit.
  6. FF End of Summer Sale: Aug. 24th - Sep. 3rd

    Called today and told no such thing.
  7. Sorry man did not mean to piss you off. Got me thinking all my zips have always been left hand and would I like it the other way around.
  8. FF End of Summer Sale: Aug. 24th - Sep. 3rd

    Any bags on sale wide (64") cut 0 to 15 degree rated long or regular length? Thanks
  9. What's the shell material and why the crazy right hand zip? Thanks
  10. Climbing Gear and Clothing for Sale, great stuff

    What model is the Feathered Friends Jacket? What's the shell material? Thanks, Chris
  11. Feathered Friends Helios

    I am pondering the purchase of the Volant, Helios, or Hyperion. I need on jacket that can be part of my summer sleep system (light bag with jacket) and my Winter climbing jacket. The Winter temps should be no more than 10 to -10. I am sure the Volant will be OK at those temps but how about the Helios or Hyperion. This would be part of a layering system, thermals, windshells, fleece, and then the FF Jacket. Also I need advice on the fit. A Patagonia size L R2 fleece fits me perfectly.
  12. Pros & Cons of Layering with Laminated Garments

    My fat feelings are offended. But I now have Diet Coke with my barbecue, and cake, and cheese.
  13. Pros & Cons of Layering with Laminated Garments

    I wear my Patagonia Silkweight boxers (because I am civilized) then Silkweight top and bottom. Followed by my Krushell "softshell" jacket. The Krushell has the thickness of 2 layers of Epic with a little stretch. If Im cold, on goes my R2 jacket, under the Krushell. Colder than that my Wild Things EP. Colder than that my sleeping bag. On my legs just Silkweight bottoms and BD Alpine Pants. My legs have been warm enough down to 15 degrees and 40 mph winds in the undies and BD pants. I'll have on my gaiters and the double layer of under wear on me arse and the Krushell covering me arse as well my legs are quite comfortable. If my ass is OK usually my legs are warm. Colder than teens on goes my WT EP pants, and again colder than that my sleeping bag. The only Gore-Tex items in winter are my gloves, gaiters and boots (and my old FF bag is Gore-Tex). I just don't see a reason for Gore-Tex jackets and pants in the Winter. All the Patagonia stuff just breathes so well. With this combo I am comfortable down to at least zero. By comfortable I mean sitting around melting snow.
  14. mountainering packs

    Dana Designs for comfort or Cold Cold World for a good compromise. My large Chaos is about 4 lbs with about 5,000 cu.in. extended. The top pocket can be removed and the body be used as a summit pack. The quick release tool loops are very nice. At about 40 lbs (my solo winter weight) the pack starts to hurt me a little. Some neck muscles and better packing would let me add 10 more I think. I like the simple one big sack. The removeable pad is nice as well. The shoulder strap tightening at the base of the straps is a little funky. The top pocket is a very useable size, with the nice little map pocket. The compression straps are in good spots, they compress the pack instead of creating bulges. The compression straps are also big enough to fit a ridgerest and Thermarest under. The crampon pouch is bulletproof as well, fuel bottle in the summer. The quality is excellent, no loose stitches. The interior foam is actually a pretty good loadbearing frame. The opening is nice and wide, plenty of room to get an arm all the way to the bottom. Get one.
  15. O-rings on whitegas stove not sealing in cold

    My Simmerlite quit sealing on the 3rd day of a trip in Colorado over Spring Break. Temps were teens to low 20's (altitude 11,200). I think part of the problem was me cooking in the vestibule when I had a flare up and put the stove face down in the snow. The stove would not pressurize the next day. I restarted the stove and melted snow for half an hour after the flare up incident. The Simmerlite held pressure and fired up right away on return to TX. Any hints as what field maintenance can be done?