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  1. The Chernobyl is a medium-sized pack ideal for one to two day alpine climbs or dayclimbs in the winter. Clean and efficient- you won't find a single superfluous feature- yet it has everything you really need for serious climbing. The lightweight design is backed up with bomber materials that won't shred after one pitch of hauling. This year's Chernobyl has traded in the tool tubes for a universal ice tool attachment which will fit just about any tool including leashless ergonomic models. * Quick-release removable/extendible lid * Seperate underlid pocket for small items * Daisy chain haul loops * Padded hipbelt with gear loops sized to work as holsters * Ski slots * NEW for '06! Universal ice tool attachment system * Fixed quick-release crampon straps * Removable 23"x24"x 3/8" foam backpad * 14" overfill extension sleeve * Internal hydration pocket with hose exit port (bladder not included) Capacity..3000 cu. in. (regular) Material..500d Cordura Weight..3 lbs 4 oz (regular) Price..$175 I had Randy make this up for me for a a couple of trips that did not come through, and pay for some medical bills. I hate to see this go but no choice, superb quality. The price of the pack was $175 plus about $40 for the Dyneema. This pack is the same size as the standard but has Dyneema, like the Golite packs, lighter webbing, lighter weight material for extension collar, hydration pocket omitted, and under lid pocket omitted. The packs weight was reduced to 40 oz versus 52oz. There is a double layer of Dyneema on the bottom. Asking $150 $125 shipped. The pack has only seen a few days use and looks new. I can do PayPal. IM if you need payment info. Thanks, Chris
  2. Which Bivy: IR, BD or OR?

    Mountain Laurel Designs Check out these guys, very popular with the lightweight backpackers. If I can get the funds together I am eyeballing the Superlight Bivy. They will do just about any customization you like and while not cheap they are inline with some of the other bivys you are looking at.
  3. wtb: footprint for walrus rapeed xv

    Tyvek is waterproof and much cheaper. It will be a bit crinkly/noisy at first but will soften up with age. It is even machine washable a few times. I fold it up when it is new but after a while it rolls up to a pretty small package. That is all I use for ground cloths, much more durable than you would think.
  4. wtb: footprint for walrus rapeed xv

    Have you thought about using Tyvek? A number of sellers on eBay will cut a length that you need.
  5. Cold Cold World Chernobyl Dyneema $125 Shipped

  6. Cold Cold World Chernobyl Dyneema $125 Shipped

    Alright that's it $125 shipped! No lower!
  7. Cold Cold World Chernobyl Dyneema $125 Shipped

    Lower Price $140 shipped!
  8. Cold Cold World Chernobyl Dyneema $125 Shipped

    Back to the top I go. Go the weight wrong, with the back pad and the accessory straps the pack is 44oz, not 40. I must have weighed it without the pad and the xtra straps.
  9. Insoles that fit with LaSportiva Nepals?

    I have the regular Sole that I wear in my issue boots and they feel wunderbar. The heat molding is great for reducing/stopping completely blisters. I have not tried this version but it might be what you are looking for. If it is just your forefeet have you tried cutting the insole off after the arch? SOLE Slim Sport
  10. patagonia sale!!

    15% no good now but you can use "N6565" for free shipping.
  11. SOLD The Chaos is a full-sized alpine pack large enough for multi-day routes and light enough for super-alpine style. If technical routes in Alaska, the Andes or even the Himalaya are on your agenda, the Chaos is one of the few packs around that is designed specifically for the most demanding climbs. * removable/extendible lid * beefy daisy chain haul loops * padded hipbelt with gear loops sized to work as holsters * ski slots * top compression strap * crampon pocket and quick release ice tool loops * removable 24"x 36"x3/8" foam backpad * 16" extension sleeve * roomy lid pocket with 2 accessory pockets Capacity.............................4300 cu. in.(L) ............................4000 cu. in.(M) Weight......................................3 lbs 12 oz Materials........420d packcloth/500d Cordura Price.................................................$245. $150 shipped, used on 2 trips, great condition, never been put down in the dirt only on snow and ice. Size Large and a rather lovely shade of royal blue. Pics if you want them, send me an IM. SOLD
  12. Cold Cold World Chaos $150 Shipped SOLD

    SOLD $150 shipped.
  13. WTB Grivel or BD Crampons

    I have some Grivel G-12 crampons I am about to throw on eBay along with a 74 CM Air Tech axe, with a Grivel strap . You can have the Crampons shipped for $120 PayPal if you want them. They look brand new and have the antibott. Carried 'em a few times, that's about it. I will prolly put them on eBay this afternoon.
  14. best 8000m boots?

    The NBC show? Looked like high dollar Westcomb and Feathered Friends gear.
  15. Warmest gloves in the universe?

    My fingers were cozy to -40 with these, you can't so much as scratch your ass with them on and don't tighten the metal strap retainer with your lips at those temps. They are mittens, otherwise second again BD Guide Gloves. eBay Army Extreme Cold Weather Mittens and Army Trigger Finger Mitts
  16. Renaissance - What temps have you slept comfortable in with this bag? I plan to layer with Patagonia DAS and Micropuff pants. I need to be able to sleep to about 0 or -5 F. North Twin - Like the temp rating but bag is almost 4 lbs in the long that I need. Are the temp ratings on the ID synthetic bags accurate?
  17. Leather 4-season mid-range boots

    There is a hard plastic counter on the upper heel of the boot and the rubber of the boot extends up the back a good ways sort of a rand. Then leather than the cordura cuff. The heel looks quite a bit more substantial than the Evos. I have the older Glacier summer boots and the back of those are all leather. There are hardly any seams exposed on the back of the Lhotses so I think they should hold up well. I remember reading somewhere that some of the Special Forces boys were using these in Afghanistan along with the new cold weather gear for the Army.
  18. Leather 4-season mid-range boots

    These work for Colorado and New Mexico winters for me, and they are made out of leather. My feet have not been cold to a little below zero with these on. Very comfy, but I do have sportiva feet, long and narrow. I don't do very technical stuff in the winter, mostly snoweshoeing and class 2 and class 3 climbing. These do not have that clunky feel of plastics. They seem to dry very well in a tent overnight and warm up fairly quickly in the AM. La Sportiva Lhotse
  19. Ultra-lite Synthetic Bags

    Mountain Laurel Designs XP Quilt BackPackingLight Bozeman Mountain Works Quilts Look at these quilts. The have water resistant shells with Polarguard insulation. The largest is probably the BMW Pro 90 quilt. It also has the Pertex Endurance shell. I use my Nunatak down quilt and will not go back to a regular bag unless in extreme conditions, meaning well below zero.
  20. FS: More Stuff

    Got 'em today. Look like their new. Thanks.
  21. Kids today...jeesh.

    Well, I guess its organic. Could be better for you than Meth.
  22. FS: More Stuff

    OR Gaiters How much shipped? Can you do PayPal? Thanks
  23. Question floorless vs bugs

    Big Agnes Seedhouse Superlight These have gained some favors with superlighters.