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  1. fish oil supplements

    Precisely! The ones that make it past the alcoholism, depression and suicides to a ripe old age all owe it to the fish oil. Did you have a point? I lived in Norway for 19 years. You?
  2. fish oil supplements

    You live in Ballard? Just go to Olsen's and get the bottle with the liquid stuff. You can even get it with a subtle lemon flavor to cover the fishyness.
  3. fish oil supplements

    Ever been to Northern Norway? There, fish oil is a way of life, consumed by the can (well, almost). A visit there will give you all the data you need to take fish oil, either in liquid or capsule form. Forget about the scientists! The trick to avoiding the 'fish burp' is to take your fish oil before you eat your breakfast in the morning. Works great for me.
  4. I'm in the process of moving and have cleared out a pretty complete collection of Rock&Ice from 1999-2006 and some volumes of Climbing Magazine from around 2000-2002. Instead of recycling these immediately I figured I'd see if anyone here is interested. They are yours if you pick them up in Fremont (Seattle). Post a reply here or send me a PM.
  5. Gore - Nobel

    Reagan was a hell of a lot more deserving than Gore, and the absence of his name from the roster tells you more about the ideological precommitments of the folks in Stockholm than it does about the actual merits of the nominees. Wow. This is a new conspiracy theory just waiting for someone to tackle it. Socialists in Stockholm applying undue pressure on the socialists in Norway who actually decide who gets the Peace Prize! Is this possibly the first left-wing conspiracy?? Wait, maybe JayB doesn't know which country's borders Oslo lies within... (Everyone knows it's CzechOSLOvakia...)
  6. Dems get Ugly

    Wow. 5 stars? Your blood is a bit richer than mine.... This is more my level: Petit Velan
  7. Valandre vs. Western Mountaineering

    I have bags from both companies (Valandre and Western) and like both. They fit quite differently, so I would recommend trying before buying. Workmanship on both bags is great. I don't own any Feathered Friends products, but the stuff I've seen and played with is in the same class as the two others. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, get a FF bag to support a local company.
  8. Dems get Ugly

    Ahh, Switzerland. Good times are always to be had there.
  9. Dems get Ugly

    Come on KKK, I know you don't like George W. that much, but at least he actually got a majority of the votes last time.
  10. Dems get Ugly

    Is this another "take the attention away from how stupid our President is" thread?
  11. MADE IN CHINA! BD Cams

    I was considering posting about this very same issue a month or so ago when I first discovered 'made in China' BD cams and shortly thereafter found a bunch of other Chinese-made BD hardware. I've worked in the computer hardware industry for years now, and have had the chance to visit plenty of Chinese manufacturing operations (including companies in Zhuhai, where I believe BD's products are manufactured). It's a mixed bag for me, I've come to terms with nearly all tech products being made in China, from the components to the final assembly. However, it still struck a chord seeing the 'made in China' label on BD gear. I've spent many dollars on BD gear over the years (I've bought lots of stuff directly from Jeff, he's a great guy), some of it on stuff I knew was Chinese-made (tents). BD gear has been some of the most durable, well-designed gear I've owned. I don't doubt that BD has "moved" their quality to China as well, stuff made in China is as good quality as the company making it wants it to be. If the goal is cheap, they'll do cheap; if the goal is good, they'll do good. However, I am still uncomfortable buying Chinese-made climbing gear. I'm sure I'll come around eventually, either by choice or because there are no other options. As irrational as I know this is, my money will go elsewhere for the time being. (I also will not buy Chinese-made skis.) As a side-bar to this thread, when a company opens a manufacturing operation in China it is usually the first step in series that culminates with the vast majority of work moving off-shore. As someone else pointed out, the supply chain is often next in line to move, and then most new investments go to China because the costs are lower. The transfer process often happens under the auspices of "expanding where our growth is," and then ends up as the same old "low cost manufacturing" for all markets.
  12. Book Recommendations Sought

    "Conquistadors of the useless" is great. Other good ones: "Starlight and Storm" by Gaston Rebuffat "The worst journey in the world" by Apsley Cherry Garrard "The mountains of my life" by Walter Bonatti
  13. Hillarycare part deux

    Does KaskadskyjKozak get paid for posting on cascadeclimbers.com? Dude, you must have made a million $$ today alone.
  14. I´m uh.....I´m...Drunk!

    Wow, Norwegian spoken on this board?? Impressive. The real phrase one should pull out in Sweden while drunk (and foreign) is this: Tjenare tjeien! Jag har kuket i handen! Try it and report back.
  15. Anyone been up the Chimneys lately? Thinking of heading up this weekend and curious if anyone has a recent conditions report of the route. Thanks!
  16. Hello, I'm planning to do the Haute Route this March, taking the classic route. If anyone here has stayed in Bourg St.Pierre I'd love to hear recommendations. Also, I've been to Zermatt before and know of a good place to stay, but I'm curious where other Haute Route skiers enjoy staying. Post your suggestions! Thanks!
  17. Stuart/Ingalls area

    I "climbed" Stuart this past weekend via the Cascadian. No snow, except a steepish snow field below the false summit (crampons not necessary, ice axe would be nice but is not required). It's just a steep walk-up, but the summit of Stuart is well worth a trip.
  18. Anyone been up the Cascadian lately and wouldn't mind posting some comments on the conditions? Crampons at this juncture in the season? We're hoping to take a beginner up this weekend and would like some info. How much snow is on the hike in from Teanaway? Thanks.
  19. Cascadian couloir conditions?

    Sorry Kitergal, we ended up going elsewhere last weekend. We're heading up to Stuart this coming weekend instead.
  20. Anyone skied the Easton glacier on Baker recently? Is it still an enjoyable experience? How's the snow cover down low? Crevasses open? Good snow or bad snow up high?
  21. favorite obscure classical composer/music?

    If Andre Rieu saw this forum he'd post about how much he loves himself and his music.
  22. Vikings

    You're just jealous you're NOT a viking. Instead, being a monkey, you're attempting to create a completely fictional monkey/viking link so you later can claim coolness by association.
  23. alps guidebook?

    My wife and I relied on 'Snow, ice and mixed' by Francois Damilano, and an Alpine Club (UK) guidebook. The former has 2 volumes covering the French Alps. The latter is similar if I remember. The Alpine Club also has published a guide book for the Swiss Alps. These books are easy to find once you are over there, but probably trickier to find here in the States.
  24. Bad Climbing movies

    If I'm asked on my deathbed if there is anything I want to go back and undo, my answer would be to not watch Vertical Limit. I'd like those 2hrs of my life back, please.
  25. Hi - forgive me this newbie question: Can someone comment on the approach to Cascadian Couloir on Mt. Stewart? I think you take the Ingalls Creek trail, correct? About how far from the car to the turn off for the climb? Where are the best camp sites if you want to do Stuart and Ingalls Peak? How is the Cascadian Couloir these days? Thanks.