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  1. Wa State Ice Website

    You know... I bought a domain name and host it on a google site (so my visitors go directly to the domain name, and all they see is that name). It is a bit limited, but it's free and I THINK that you can do HTML if you are knowledgeable (or presumably have a site already designed and saved)- Most importantly, they are super reliable. Just something to consider.
  2. Wa State Ice Website

    Hey- Is the site down again? I am getting the moonrise webhosting page... bummer.
  3. Secession

    Only problem with the Cascadia idea is that you would have to get BC to go along with it... and why would they do that?!?
  4. Leavenworth Conditions?

    Don't forget to report back to the rest of us (lazy ones)!
  5. Olympia Area partner(s)

    Just moved back to the Oly area and am looking for someone to climb with. I try to be versatile, some gym training but I am more interested in someone to get out and do moderate sport, trad and ice (I have all the gear and do my share of leading) as well as simply being a pleasant guy to climb with. Give me an email if you are interested: wadelyj at hotmail dot com