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  1. Cindy66 Speculation Thread

    A "shall we marry?" thread will also be a hit - seriously.
  2. Cindy66 Speculation Thread

    Let me get this straight...you corresponded with a guy for six whole months yet you were so cautious and apprehensive about him that you couldn't decide whether it was advisable to meet him...then you finally met him in person and within a few hours of arrival cut loose for a weekend of drunken partying, any worries tossed to the wind...well, what the hell? - a good time is a good time aint it?... well, OKKAAAAYY, WHATEVER.
  3. Cindy66 Speculation Thread

    I don't think Cindy66 actually exists. I believe almost all the women on this site are trolls set up by dru. There are a very few exceptions that have been confirmed with photographic evidence.
  4. hot climbing girls?

    Maybe the problem is that they won't associate much with this site - try elsewhere.
  5. hot climbing girls?

    Blake is definitely hot. I wanted to photograph him and now he's mad at me.
  6. hot climbing girls?

    I climbed with mythosgrl once but my camera melted at the belay ledge...
  7. hot climbing girls?

    I've spent hundreds of hours viewing girls at the climbing gym just trying to find one who wasn't hot. (and what a thankless task that is)
  8. How do I post a troll?

    step 1: create a new username, something like "girlclimber" or "seymour jugs" step 2: find a good photo for your avatar, maybe something like this might work just fine: step 3: post in climbing partners forum Now THAT'S how to post an effective troll.
  9. Removing stoppers from rock

    He's not a troller, just a newbie with a lot of enthusiasm.
  10. Name That Mountain

    East of the crest between Liberty Bell and Stehekin...something so obscure no one has seen it...Hock Mt ?
  11. Name That Mountain

    Since you're in Bellingham and the photo looks like it might be recent, all I can think of is Mt Sefrit ?
  12. Name That Mountain

    well, sorry, but my mother didn't think so
  13. Name That Mountain

    Argonaut, N Face
  14. Vantage

    After you've done some alpine rock routes in the Cascades, Vantage rock will seem pretty reasonable.
  15. snow creek wall fa's

    Now, THAT'S an ice tool (ha ha ha). Original Chouinard alpine hammer intended for water ice climbing. I once used it on such climbs as Baker N. ridge, Sunset Ridge, Jefferson gl.
  16. Barren terrain is neat to visit when you live in the westside rainforest though.
  17. Frequent Sprayers

    you guys are gonna be sorry if archy can't spray anymore from her new job. archy, where are you...?
  18. Post deleted by roboboy
  19. [TR] Kent NF - unnamed mixed route 2/3/2007

    Here's a photo I have of Mt Kent from a distance if anyone would feel like sorting out the different routes that have been done and posting it ?
  20. New Thread - Old Topic - Dead Horse

    Yes, and I agree with that. And some of the best days were camping, hiking and fishing with neices and nephews when they were young, although I have to admit it's been nice to have more time available for more challenging outings also. I don't really consider one or the other more or less worthwhile, but I do like to get out.
  21. New Thread - Old Topic - Dead Horse

    There aint no such thing as a free lunch and I agree. Most people seem to have a lot of good stuff going and why try to qualify it ? Why not just see the good in each thing and be happy ?
  22. Suck weekend

    Hey, tanstaafl, you sound just like me. Wouldn't it make sense for people so alike to get married and have kids... ?
  23. Job Search Tactics

    I guess in my case I found that after going to so many interviews my attitude toward them got to the point it wasn't worth going anymore for awhile. Like interviewing 4 separate people at the same company and answering the same questions 4 separate times in a row, my boredom with the process probably was apparent to them. Then go to another company and answer the same questions all over again. Hey, I've perfected the answers and I'm still not getting the job. All I can say is maybe try a bit to keep the process from wearing you out that way, so you're fresh for what could be the right job. And I don't think it's just "me" because it didn't used to be like this, even in IT.
  24. Job Search Tactics

    I've also found that job searching in IT fields sucks these days. The employers seem to want to do excessively long interviews of every applicant that comes along so that most of the applicants end up being rejected. I recommend only applying for jobs that are really a close fit and try to avoid employers that want multi-day interviews (or even more than 1/2 day). You wont find a job any faster but at least there will be less wasted effort. And recruiters never seem to do any good. Good luck, after a year of interviewing in this "hot" market I was unable to move from where I am.