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  1. Mr. Layton

    word is Mr Layton has fled to Brazil on short notice to escape an angry female lynch mob.
  2. maybe it's better if most people on this site don't discuss what they do on rainy weekends.
  3. the climber's death

    So I guess I won't be climbing with Mike Layton (sorry, I just couldn't resist getting back to that).
  4. the climber's death

    And I don't think anyone should ever worry about bailing on any climbing, at any time, with anyone. It's a difficult activity and whatever a person's own reasons for not wanting to climb are, they are valid, even if the reasons are never stated.
  5. the climber's death

    Life is basically one epic after another, in many different areas. I don't consider an epic to be an epic if you survive it and aren't hurt. After awhile you get used to epics, they are routine. A sign of old age, I'm sure.
  6. the climber's death

    I climb for exercise, scenery and to be in a natural environment. Pretty lame, huh ? I'm sure I'm the only one.
  7. the climber's death

    that way the risk taken is no more than doing anything else in life, like driving to work or walking out to get the mail
  8. the climber's death

    climb mostly safely only, it's possible
  9. What would Jesus drink?

    sometimes I feel like shitting too. I guess I wouldn't necesarily hold it against someone as a person.
  10. A final Note on Mox

    "I hope the next party to attempt this climb will turn it up a notch by going to the ACTUAL SUMMIT!" I promised no more posts on this thread but I really wish that you didnt bring that up again - IT WAS SETTLED !
  11. A Final, Final Note on Mox

    OK, sorry, I'm done.
  12. A final Note on Mox

    money-making scheme #2: if the movie script doesn't translate too well to the big screen & bruce willis won't work cheap enough, how about this - sell live specimens of devils club transplanted directly from perry creek on ebay along with signed copies of the original trip report. it's sure to be a big seller with lovers of american culture worldwide - "ah doz cwazy amewicans - first it's macdonalds, then clint eastwood, now this !" you might also stock some gift ships in tourist meccas like leavenworth, seattle center, disneyland, etc.
  13. A final Note on Mox

    devil's club can actually be cultivated at sea level and is a desirable ornamental plant, producing an impresive floral display in the spring. all my books on northwest native plant gardening include it. if anyone wants to retrieve some I'll be glad to take it, to supplement the alder, vine maple, salal, alaska cedar, willow, oregon grape, etc I already have. And no way am I telling which national parks I got them from. Maybe we need a gardening forum on cc.com, something we can ease into in a few years when the mox thread runs it's course.
  14. A final Note on Mox

    never attempt a "final Note" on cc.com. too many software workers in seattle with 40 hr/week internet access and idle time between coffee breaks and team meetings and the thread is guaranteed for a minimum additional 3 weeks.
  15. A final Note on Mox

    suggest the movie be titled "Die Hard 4 - The endless thread". get Bruce Willis to play Fred Beckey bushwacking barefoot over devil's club in 1968 attempt.
  16. A final Note on Mox

    unfortunately the branch in the infamous machete photo is maple, not devils club or alder. I hated to bring it up but I'll do anything to keep some variant of the Mox thread going. it was really the best climbing report I ever read and this whole episode might even have some Hollywood movie potential, especially if it features the original cast, the captivating Mike and Erik.
  17. Mark Knopfler is my god

    Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera (not so much for the music, though).
  18. Does Bush think we're morons?

    the problem with Bush is that he DOESN'T think.
  19. No one should ever take a machete into a national park or wilderness area. If anyone ever does take a machete into the North Cascades, it will be hard to find a use for it and any significant damage is unlikely, although it still doesn't look good. ...Is this the end of this thread ?...
  20. MisterE, I can tell you're getting hooked on stardom & it's only a matter of time before you're back on some big, scary wall. You HAVE to, your legions of newly acquired cc.com fans demand it ! (just kidding). As Dru said they're all geeks anyway, so no need to bother.
  21. how much trail-making with a machete could someone do, carrying a 65 lb pack, crawling through brush in two days up the length of Perry creek ? how easy would it be to actually swing a machete to any extent carrying a 65 lb pack through brush ? maybe someone should go try it to see how much environmental damage is possible, then report back. seems like a good research project for the NPS.
  22. Best Place to Eat in Sedro?

    I think the Mex place is El Gitano