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  1. liberty ridge conditions?

    I am headed to Liberty Ridge with 2 friend in mid July. Did you get any feed back on conditions that we may extrapolate forward?
  2. Go to Liberty Ridge

    Thanks Sobo...still new to the board. Appreciate your help.
  3. Go to Liberty Ridge

    Good info. Dicey retreat. We may go early. Not sure yet. My partner is a wiz on rock. We should be OK. Thanks
  4. Go to Liberty Ridge

    Great info thanks
  5. Go to Liberty Ridge

    Thanks. My partner is a rock jock. He will lead anything on rock. It helps an old duffer like me go places.
  6. Go to Liberty Ridge

    Good point. A person never knows until they get there. Have bailed many times . Lived to climb another day.
  7. Go to Liberty Ridge

    Me too. Good info coming in.
  8. Which is more dangerous?

    Danger...subjective or objective? A person can choose more or less of either on rock or snow. There are too many variables to strictly determine which is more dangerous. I have a 4 year old daughter and a wfie who encourages me to do what I do. A great life for sure. I feel more at risk driving my car some days. Are you more likely to push the envelope on rock, ice or an alpine slope?
  9. Go to Liberty Ridge

    I am planning trip to Rainer next summer. The timing will late season. July/August time frame. Need to connect with anyone who has experience on the glaciers at that time. Is it foolish to travel with only a 2 person party? The guide books give various advise.
  10. Looking to get up Liberty Ridge

    Do you have first hand experience on the ridge
  11. Looking to get up Liberty Ridge

    My name is John Arnold. Your's is the second hit. 307-685-2736 home. 307-688-1751 office.
  12. I'm looking for partner(s)to climb Rainer, Liberty Ridge, this spring or summer season. I have much rock, ice and alpine experience. Could hold my own with almost any group. Is any one needing a partner or a low maintenance addition to a group? Can travel to meet and climb prior to a longer harder trip.