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  1. Stone Gardens Drytooling

    c'mon jens, come to the ballard side....
  2. clucking

    NSFW http://www.struttergear.com/products/CLUCKING_INFOPAGE.html
  3. clucking

    sorry, i was busy and not doing my normal lurking. i'll try to post something original next time.
  4. Bicycle Master Plan for Seattle passed

    fuckin'-a. i'm especially excited about the burke extension between fred meyer and the locks, that's where i usually come closest to getting tagged by cars and cement trucks on my commute.
  5. What do you do for a living?

    I was in the prOn industry for a short bit, but it wasn't for me so now I'm in education (seriously).
  6. All you guys (& gals) under 25

    who's steve miller?
  7. IFAW

    my favorite article from this weekend: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/6420ap_wa_islam_awareness.html
  8. IFAW

    I especially like "The Web site includes suggested campus activities such as holding sit-ins outside women's studies departments to protest 'the silence of feminists over the oppression of women in Islam'" nothing like rich white dudes telling women what they should be protesting to make a point.
  9. Pasta

    penne carbonara. i have to have bacon on everything.
  10. Motivation Waning

    another idea is to go get some fun new stuff for you or the bike. i find that when i change soemthing on my bike, i am more excited to go and test it out in the nastiest conditions. for example. i just got new leg warmers and am stoked to go for a ride now.
  11. Motivation Waning

    damn you couloir! i was about to make the same suggestion. the start to the snohomish race looked like a small lake after the first few races. suddenly riding on pavement in the rain doesn't seem so bad.
  12. An Insult for Every Country

    what, no north korea?
  13. Fighting Music?

    some Flogging Molly song could be pretty badass and different, maybe "The Kings of Kilburn High"? How long does her entrance song get to be? other random ideas (these are more just rockin songs that come to mind): zeppelin- achilles last stand man man - black mission goggles the rapture- out of the races and onto the tracks green river- this town green river- queen bitch mudhoney- overblown the who- boris the spider or for humor value: rev horton heat- i'm mad
  14. are your double-layered socks maybe too tight? you could be restricting blood flow to the toes, making your feet even colder. or you could just ride harder also, look into some mid-weight synthetic socks that retain wormth even when wet (teko is an awesome brand). for me, synthetic feels better than wool. http://www.tekosocks.com/product.php?id=49
  15. Lost: Rope w/bag Smith Rock 9/28/07

    That sucks. If you haven't done it yet, call the park to see if someone droped it off at the ranger station's lost and found. Last year, someone was "nice" enough to take my pack from the base of cinnamon slab and hike it up to the ranger station at 3 in the afternoon thinking someone had lost it... Good luck!
  16. Cyclocross Season is upon us!

    U. of Idaho made a pretty nice video with rad tunes: UKGYT0hTMZY
  17. Cyclocross Season is upon us!

    my favorite from last saturday's race at marymoor: Fk-rvdS_UME
  18. Cyclocross Season is upon us!

    cx is da bomb diggety.
  19. ummm, wtf?

  20. FS: Car, ASAP

    1991 Ford Probe, 135k miles. The engine is in good shape with regular oil changes/maint. its whole life (I have records). Body has a couple of small dings and some fading paint but otherwise looks good. KBB puts it around $600. This is a great car for around town driving and trips to North Bend. I need to get rid of it within 5 days (just bought a new car and do not want/can't afford to pay dbl insurance) or it will just be donated. Make me an offer. I'm in the Wallingford area in Seattle.
  21. The book looks rad, nice work!
  22. Martini Mixology

    cachaca is damn good. side note on voda (although, k, I am sure you're much more of a connaisseur than myself), some friends and I found that if you dedicate a brita filter to vodka, you can filter out a bunch of the impurities in cheap vodka. monarch+brita filter= ketel 1 I am one of those folks who doesn't much like vermouth so i'm down with the drier martinis (gin, not vodka).
  23. Trogdor....Could there be two?

    troggie, i have sticker you can put on your car if you want to be recognized
  24. POLL: chop or not to chop

    There's no "chop Kevbone's avatar" option. wassup wit dat?
  25. freakin' cheaters

    So a while back I was watching dosage IV with some friends and during the part in switzerland, dave graham puts on this knee-bar pad (looked like it had stealth rubber on it) to help hold a sketchy knee bar. right off the bat my friend says that's "fucking cheating" and that if it doesn't hold on his own, he should find another way to do the move. One friend was nice enough to point out that climbing shoes aren't that different and if those rules were to be followed, we should all still be in mountain boots. Later though, Tommy Caldwell is getting ready to do the Changing Corners pitch on the Nose, but instead of moving straight into it, he climbs up a crack on he left a ways, clips a bolt, then downclimbs and does the crux move on TR. Now, that same friend yells "climbing up easier ground to clip that bolt is cheating". So i'm just wondering where folks stand. not necessarily on thses 2 points, but in climbing in general. what constitutes cheating (aside from the obvious things like pulling on gear and claiming a free send)? and yes dru, we all know that cheating is aid and the one cheating is probly the one having the most fun.