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  1. Misty Icefield access roads...

    Ya, they have it cleared and it may take you a lot of hoop jumping to drive up the road and then park in a spot that is convenient right now. It would be a good idea to go into the office (75.5 km) and make yourself known. They were popping a bit of rock last week in Fire.
  2. Misty Icefield access roads...

    Yes. Snowcap is driveable 6km, it will see forest harvesting next year (2009) as well, so it will be in good shape for awhile to come. Fire has seen harvesting this year, as well as the construction of a $75 million IPP. The road is driveable beyond Fire Lake. Roads that deviate north at 5km on the Fire mainline are not driveable and are afflicted by Alnus. Same with road systems near Stanford Creek. "just E of Snowcap Lake". This harvest block that you have ID'd is a 2001 CanFor block. The road was driveable in 2005 to this spot. "The same area from iMapBC (Landsat 5 & 7 Mosaic Colour Band 543 Enhanced 1999-2004) shows up the recent (the roads do not show up in 1995 air photos) logging roads just S of Fire Lake." These blocks that you have ID'd were harvested by Squamish Mills in 2002. They were surveyed last year. Lots of good options for descent.
  3. traverse lizzie to lytton

    It is better to exit the south fork of Log Creek (a tributary of the Nahatlatch). The descent into Kwoiek or Chochiwa Creek looks terrible. 3 friends did this trip (Lizzie to Log) a few years ago.
  4. The Lillooet FS does not exist anymore. It is now the amalgamated Cascades FS out of Merrit (they probably won't even know where Whitecap Creek is). The forest activity in Whitecap Creek is being carried out by Ainsworth lumber. They have new road in permit in Whitecap (the back end no less!), but they are neck deep in close to $1billion in unconsolidated debt, so I am not sure they will be in the mood to talk road access. Good luck, wish I could help more.
  5. Misty Icefield access roads...

    Those phone calls won't do you much good. Lizzie Bay logging has the contract to plow the In-SHUCK-ch from 0km to 68.5 km (east side). Kiewit (Cloudworks is an engineering company) plows from 68.5km to 83km. LBL is obligated to plow to 42.5 km on the west side....as far as the Baptiste IR. This is all done for the "Head of the Lake School" at 50 km east side....not industry. The west side is snow free and in good shape all the way to the jnct at 72.5 km. If there is sporadic snowfall, Kiewit and LBL will most likely split the cost of keeping the west side open for the rest of the year, this eases pressure off the east side. The Snowcap creek option is terrible. Use the ridge Drew mentions in Sloquet. Old "Lineham Logging" roads/harvest blocks are useable to descend. All roads except the mainline in Fire Creek are a shit show.
  6. Wow.....glad nobody was hurt. The road into N Joffre will be clear for a few years to come.
  7. [TR] Vayooooo - 8/23/2007

    This is a nice valley. No wonder we never pushed that road up though.
  8. Road is closed until June 30th.....found out the 4 hour drive way. That is a silly good line lads
  9. Any low back surgery success stories???

    Good to hear. I am 9 months post-op (disc/lamin), and a little advice would be that even if your surgeon gives you the thumbs up and clears you in 8 weeks, thinking that you will be 100% pain free is just not realistic. I still have some low back pain, and expect to for the next few months. My job is pretty physically demanding, and some days I feel it more than others. I had trouble with this concept. Pushing through pain is an interesting thing to get used to. Remember to walk a little more each day at the beginning. I dealt with my sciatica for waaaaay too long before surgery, and my muscles are slow to heal in this recovery phase. Good luck.
  10. That run is one of my favorites. Other side has possibly the best ski day off the Duffey IMO. See those heli ski stakes? Can't believe those cornices have not pooped yet.
  11. elfin lakes

    Road is as bare as bare gets. Lots of snow at TH
  12. Any low back surgery success stories???

    I had a Discectomy/laminectomy 8 months ago to repair a herniated L5. I had crippling sciatica for about a year and full time physio/chiro/accu. I am at full activities now, and the muscle stiffness and pain is getting better daily. This was a last resort for me, and so far it has been life saving. Good luck. Back problems suck ass!
  13. Heli ski operation on Mt Waddington

    Diane Tetarenko Manager, Adventure Tourism Ministry of Tourism, Sports and the Arts Suite 142 - 2080A Labieux Road Nanaimo, BC V9T 6J9 Suite 142 - 2080A Labieux Road Nanaimo, BC V9T 6J9 Phone: (250) 751-7241 Cell: (250) 713-7559 Fax: (250) 751-7224 Email: Diane.Tetarenko@gov.bc.ca This is the rest of her info. I sent her an email, you should too. see here http://www.bivouac.com/DsxPg.asp?DsxId=1790
  14. Trip: Cayoosh Mountain- East Spur Date: 1/16/2007 Trip Report: Good times as usual on Cayoosh . Some great conditions saw us climbing and skiing some of the steeps that have a habit of holding terrain traps. Some sled tracks on the road, but i think I know why they were there. A bit of wind affected slab up higher, but mainly powder . One of the best January days in recent memory. A balmy -21c at the truck, and not much colder at 8000'. Anyone from the deep south heading up should check out Cayoosh......good times. (sorry for the lack of stoke pics) Gear Notes: ski junk Approach Notes: see Baldwin...Bivouac etc.
  15. More Cayoosh fun this week. Pooooooor ski conditions, but nice views and stuff.
  16. Blowing up my knee and back

    Take these words of advice/encouragement from a guy who just had back surgery: "TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING BACK!!"
  17. Gallery not working?

    All good
  18. Interesting avalanche link

    This is cool.
  19. skin recommendation?

    I hated my G3 skins, but I believe the year that I had bought them, they were re-called. Love my BD skins. Take good care/maintenance of your skins.
  20. best of cc.com Cassin Ridge TR

    Nice Stefan!!
  21. Indoor cardio workout ideas

    Eliptical+upright bike+treadmill=2 hours of great cardio.