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  1. [TR] Rainier- Nisqually Cleaver 5/15/2006

    She is one of the strongest girl climbers i have met. She could give just about anyone a run for their money.........
  2. Accident in Canadian Rockies

    Though I only briefly knew Charlie he was an amazing climber, wonderful person and a pleasure to spend time in the mountains with. He will be forever missed……….
  3. Ellensburg Ice Climbers?

  4. Riverside CA

    Im moving to Riverside...Flight Instructor Job. If anyone knows anyone down there who climbs a lot or can hook me up with some good people let me know.
  5. Riverside CA

    I am moving this friday otherwise i would love to hit up index. And yeah i really didnt want to leave washington but if i want to get to the airlines i need flight hours and you get about twice as many down south.....
  6. Alaska Mountaineering Presentations (AMP)

  7. Death on Gib route

    Ryan, once again you did everything you could that day. I hope that you can at least find some peace knowing that. I am glad you were able to share your feelings here and i hope it helps you come to terms with the whole experience. The whole thing definatly caused me to do some serious thinking. In the end it makes you realize how fragile and special life really is. andy

    Well done. I dont know if you remember me but we were camped by you at 14,000 and at 17,000. I camped in your site at 11,200 on the way back down in may when the storm came in. I think we summited the butt on the same day it was the end May. You two and your buddy. So where is furry blue coat that you where sporting??? Good job up there guys. It was definatly fun talking with you while we were at the various camps. I am glad you made it. Andy Winslow
  9. Winter Climbing Boots???

    The scarpa cumbre's are similar to the nepal extremes. They are really warm and climb well. However they are a bit expensive. The nepal extremes are a guides favorite on rainier if that helps at all.
  10. Central Washington Universtiy

    Can i come......please..............
  11. [TR] Mount Stuart- Cascadian Couloir 6/28/2005

    CRAIG where is my phone call. A freind and i may do the sunset ridge or the central mowich face on rainier for the 4th. That is if the weather is good. You should call me and maybe i will let you come.
  12. Wanted: partners for Sun-Tues

    I see how it is......... .
  13. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    Dont forget to register.....
  14. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    Sweet deal..... feel free to tap away. I still call Bull Shit. How about this PM me your name and i will drop it. Oh and how do i know there isnt a fouth Climbing ranger at longmire. Lets see there are 9 total climbing rangers on the paradise side of which 6 live at paradise and 3 live at longmire. The group is small, its hard not to know all of them.....Sorry dude there is no Fourth ranger at longmire that someone forgot to tell me about.
  15. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    I question it becasue i am a climbing ranger on Mt. Rainier and that is what he/she is claiming. So if you read his/her bio it talks shit about the park and claims to be a Climbing ranger on Rainier.... There are only 3 climbing rangers that live in longmire and they run the show Mike, Glen and Stefan. I really dont think that any of them would be on CC looking for partners or have Fuck the NPS on their Bio. I could be wrong but seems to me that the person that is going to make you a climbing "God" is full of it. But if you want to climb with someone like that have fun and give us a call when you need to be saved (360-569-2211 ext. 6009 for the Climbing Infofmation Center).
  16. Raineer next weekend?... 17-19th

    So Divot if you are a climbing ranger why do you need to find climbing partners on CC for Rainier?
  17. Redmond, WA

    I have a car and live near there.
  18. Death on Gib route

    Yes. Or they place pro and remain roped. Ie. putting the rope behind rocks or using pickets or screws if conditions allow.
  19. Fatality on Rainier

    The two climbers where ascending the gib ledges. The fall happend at the top of the gib chute. The climber fell down the chute 800-1000'. His partner down climbed the gib chute and started CPR but couldnt get a pulse.
  20. Check out my new website

    I feel 97.2% gayer after looking at that......
  21. Lost: Key

    Lost my parents honda key while running in the cougar mt. wildland park. Left from the Red Town trail head. If anyone is out there and finds a key i would be greatful to get it back. PLEASE PM me if you find it.
  22. Lost: Key

    KEY found....Thanks to whoever put it at the Red Town trail head.
  23. Lost: Key

    Your right man. Maybe you should learn how to climb trad and stop all that sport climbing . LOL. In two weeks i wont have to run anymore sellout climbing partner. Oh and i will be on Rainier this weekend so goodluck with whatever you choose to climb.
  24. Lost: Key

    The damn thing costs $100 to replace.