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  1. Boots for Bugs...

    I have the following choices for a bugs trip the end of July. Montrail CTC Mid Goretex. Pros, light, climb well. Cons, not too comfortable with strap crampons, harder to kick steps. Mad Rock Mtns. Better for snow, but heavy and not great for climbing. Will be sticking to moderate classic routes up to 5.7. If both of these suck and there is a "Perfect" boot, I may shell out the dough... Any input would be great.
  2. Wind River Question

    The Titcomb basin area is amazing. Plenty to climb there too.
  3. Mini Moonflower North Couloir

    Does last week of April sound about right?
  4. Mini Moonflower North Couloir

    Dane, thanks, that's what turned me on to it. Looks like an ideal intro.
  5. Mini Moonflower North Couloir

    Thanks, sounds like good advice. Thinking about the Ruth, Japanese Couloir on Barrill to start, then either H&E, West Ridge on Mooses Tooth, or just read up on Freezy Nuts. Seems like the couloir part would be about right. Has anyone climbed Freezy Nuts?
  6. Mini Moonflower North Couloir

    Grade 4 is the top of my comfort zone right now. Any alternate suggestions?
  7. Mini Moonflower North Couloir

    Anyone climbed this? Supertopo says its WI4 at the crux. Others say 4+ or 5.
  8. liberty ridge conditions?

    I posted some pics here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/9786433@N08/
  9. liberty ridge conditions?

    Just climbed LR on June 20. There was a lot of ice up high, and rock lower down. The Carbon was fine when we were there, pretty much a straight shot. Lower ridge was melted out. There was even ice on the slope below Thumb Rock. Then a lot of lower angle ice near Black Pyramid. We did it with 5 screws, wish we had 8.