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  1. Lillooet Ice Fest Cancelled

    So sounds like no good ice yet, and no icefest? Banff time.
  2. Multi-pitch 'stuff'

    Same here sans a big sausage. Very convenient.
  3. Lillooet Ice Fest Cancelled

    Is it still "cancelled"?
  4. Wind shirts continued

    Sport multipitch cragging: Squamish, L-worth, Liberty Bell group, etc - WT windshirt rocks! Any outing with likely bad weather - from hooded windshirt to WPB shell depending on forecast, seriousness and personal experience. The latter must be gained - can only be done the "hard" way - do it, adjust, do again, etc. Poor Doc though, what a bs squall, must be the global warming (or is it cooling )
  5. Costco softshell!

    How can one identify the shell? Brand name, manufacturer, model name or some sort of number? I called Costco and "softshell" means nothing to them - "We have some soft Nike running suit". Thanks much
  6. Climbing over-promotion

    Scenario: books all get burned, delighted publishers flood stores with more guidebooks, most climbers conclude that now it's way too crowded and go to obscure locations, leaving the old classics untouched
  7. lillooet

    Don, that would be wonderful, thank you! Need to decide to keep or cancel motel reservation. What about the Bridge Creek climbs?
  8. lillooet

    So, does the current trend look good for the coming weekend?
  9. Comprehensive boot guide?

    Hayduke, there are more dimensions than in JM's comprehensive note - fit, personal usage and much more. So I'd say make sure you don't look for boots for a winter Denali ascent, or Thalay Sagar, you'll laugh at you choice by the time you qualilfy. You said Cascades so unless you have unusually cold feet, http://www.rockandice.com/gear/130/gear.boots.130.html will give you an idea, there are more kinds out there. Plastics can be cold too once you stop if your foot sweats too much from being too warm!