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  1. Pros & Cons of Layering with Laminated Garments

    You are now carrying 26 oz instead of 19 oz. (Cloudveil Icefloe = 19 oz + Mont-Bell, 7 oz) Now compare to 22 oz Alchemy. Hmmm...
  2. [TR] Mt. Hood or Rainier- Leut 4/1/2005

    check this site for avvy condtions in the Pacific NW NWAC Detailed Forecasts http://www.nwac.noaa.gov/products/SABSEA
  3. Pros & Cons of Layering with Laminated Garments

    I generate a considerable amount of moisture in my lower body, particularly in my groin area. Hardshells just can't vent moisture fast enough and quickly become saturated. I still like my Alchemy jacket after a few months of owning it. It breathes well enough to keep me dry when I'm working hard, blocks all wind and is much ligher than my previous jacket. It does have three issues: First, I'm a short broadshouldered guy and I have problems with jackets either being too long in the sleeves or too tight in the chest the Alchemy is no exception. Second, it lacks of a hood. Third, and more importantly, it doesnt provide enough warmth when I stop moving - I've heard this from others who have Windstopper garments as well. As for the jackets you mention, there is one major problem with the Scholler Dryskin Extreme: It blocks only 70% of wind. It is a great fabric for mild-weather or when there is no wind. Any high winds, so common in mountains, and it won't provide adequate protection. I'd rather have the windproofness of Scholler WB-400 even if the breathability is reduced. From reports made by people using it, WB-400 is very nearly as breathable as the Dryskin Extreme anyway. I've ordered a pair of Cold Fusion pants from Beyond Fleece. If I like them I'll sell the Alchemy and get the Cold Fusion jacket.
  4. SoftShell Pants

    Check these out Ibex Guide Lite Pants. These have had good reviews, though the site I'm listing may have an Ibex bias. The Black Diamond BDV pants are made of Scholler Dynamic but are the same weight as the Ibex, have non-articulated construction and far fewer features. Looking at the Arcteryx Gamma LT pants I noticed something interesting. The New Gamma LT pants are only 10 ounces, a nearly 6 ounce reduction in weight as compared to the Older Gamma LT pants. I'm assuming this weight reduction is due to the use of Tweave Durastretch Lightweight in the new version as opposed to the standard weight Tweave used previously. Does anyone know how the new fabric performs? The only hangup I see from the armchair is that the new version is offered only in black and grey, whereas the older version was offered in black, khaki, etc.
  5. SoftShell Pants

    I'm looking for a pair of pants for mountaineering - long climbs in the snow. My primary emphasis is on breathability, followed by wind and waterproofness. Something that is comfortable during both cold winter mornings and sunny spring afternoons is ideal.
  6. SoftShell Pants

    What are your favorites?
  7. Pros & Cons of Layering with Laminated Garments

    I've been having good results from my polyester base layer and softshell Alchemy jacket. It vents moisture remarkably well, stays comfortable under a wide range of conditions, and is very light. When I stop for an extended period of time I pop on my Coumbia jacket with fleece liner. This jacket is pretty heavy so I'll replace it with a lighter alternative at some point. Suggestions? Below the waist I'm wearing a North Face Mountain Bib. It kicks ass for what it is, a tough hard shell bib. It does not, however, vent moisture adequately during ascents. I'm looking at either the MH Alchemy Pant or the GoLite Propel Pant as a softshell bottom. I'm leaning toward the Propel because of it's substantially lighter weight. Anyone have experience using either of these bottoms?
  8. Leuthold Solo

    Nice night pics. What camera?
  9. Thinkin of doing some exploring on Hood Saturday. I summited last month and was thinkin of a having more relaxed day poking around on the mountain and enjoying the scenery. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Pros & Cons of Layering with Laminated Garments

    I've worn the Alchemy jacket while mountainclimbing a few times and have never had problems with moisture build up. What base layer were you using? I use a single medium weight polyester base layer. Cheers!
  11. Nice pics, what camera?
  12. Pros & Cons of Layering with Laminated Garments

    The Transition is intended as a base layer garment although it can be used as a single layer in warmer temps. I'd layer the two so that each component of my system has more functionality. I want to keep bulk to a minimum. Fleece would suck under the Alchemy jacket (which I already have) since it would be bulky, slow the movement of moisture, etc. The Transition shirt seems better since it is very thin and light - more freedom of movement, better movement of moisture, etc. Also, it could fucntion on its own as an outer layer in warmer weather or during periods of very high activity. Bascially, I would like to have more flexibility built into my layering system. I've been wearing Alchemy jacket with a single synthetic base layer. The freedom of movement, wind protection and breathability kick ass but this combination it just isn't quite warm enough. So, I'm looking for something more insulative to put underneath. Whatever this extra layer is has to be thin and highly breathable. The Transition base layer seems like a good option. I haven't been waiting till my layering system is optimized to go out. Every time I get back from an outing I take stock of what worked, what didn't and then think of possible ways to improve. It's an ongoing process. Next time I go out I'm going to double up my base layer and see how that goes. Cheers
  13. Is there a downside to wearing multiple layers of clothing containing membranes (such as Gore Windstopper) in a layering system? For example, wearing a windshirt such as the MH Transition base layer combined with the MH Alchemy jacket. Such a combination would seem to be highly versatile since both layers have a high degree of fucntionality. I'm wondering, however, if there are drawbacks to having 2 or more membrane-based layers in the layering system. A possible drawback would be decreased breathability, which messes with the whole point of having a softshell layer like the Alchemy jacket in the first place. Thanks for the input.
  14. [TR] Shasta- Casaval Ridge 2/4/2005

    I personally wouldn't take the variation. That photo just happens to show it. I posted the pic because someone wanted to know what the catwalk was. My question about the runout is a completely seperate issue and has to do with the route marked in red only. If the runouts are basically long snow slopes I'd feel more comfortable bringing someone less experienced along.
  15. [TR] Shasta- Casaval Ridge 2/4/2005

    The green section in the pic below is the Catwalk. (Taken from http://www.summitpost.org/show/route_link.pl/route_id/78/object_id/2) I want to know if the route has good runouts in its steeper sections if you avoid the rock on the ridge and follow the route indicated by the red line above. Is this the case? Cheers