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  1. Climb: Index-City Park and Shriley (to include big whipper) Date of Climb: 9/11/2005 Trip Report: So I finally convinced a friend of mine that aid climbing is action packed, fast-paced fun. Having only done it a few times myself, we head to the beloved city park. We split it into 2 pitches using the intermediate anchor off to the left, set up a haul and swing it to let him have his first lead. It all goes smooth and even convince him to have a go at a cam hook. Next we scope out the base of Shirley and the arch looks too good to pass up. I lead it and find the lower portion to be a little tough as it was loose flakes and some more marginal gear (compared to C.P. at least). Shirley is certainly a lot more interesting than C.P. demanding more than just a rack of #4 stoppers. A few moves from the anchor a #0 DMM nut pulled, I had already tested it and was in the upper steps of the aiders w/ the rope clipped into the gear. Pulling all the slack and w/ stretch, it ended up being ~25 footer. Catching the fall was a bomber #6 BD micro nut. (the kind w/ the wire swaged into the nut itself). This is to be my first fall of that magnitude. So, after changing into clean shorts, i yarded my way up to the greatest nut in the world (not to be taken out of context) and finished up the pitch w/ a couple of glorious cams. Rapped off and got our place in line on HWY 2 to be stuck helplessly while the new episode of the simpsons plays on a tv somewhere out there. (was it good?? ...anyone?) Gear Notes: City Park: lottsa small nuts, a gray alien and a #2 camalot Shirley: 1 set BD micro nuts, full set of nuts, pinky, cams to 3" and one hook move, that can most likely be avoided. Approach Notes: Rednecks trying to drive on the RR tracks w/ their redneck friends in the back of the truck.
  2. The non-fluff thread

    what about fluffers?
  3. Spray Needs You

    i'm new, but will this help... how long after a dog sleeps on a fleece, will the said fleece smell like dog? details: - fleece is p-gonia R2 - dog was a pit bull boxer mix, w/ one floppy ear
  4. Cube farm complaint

    use newspaper. there's always an extra sports section in the can.
  5. Cube farm complaint

    why are there toilet paper dispensers in your cubes? here, they're in the restroom

    it's a blue screen morning... so i get guilt free surfing on a community computer till mine gets fixed!
  7. Subterranean Homesick Alien

    is that like roadhead?
  8. video

  9. video

    well those 'bad' natural forces pass - and for the most part, humans survive!
  10. 60mph for SUV's?

    they already do! the left one!
  11. War and Peach book 0.5

  12. 60mph for SUV's?

    it is also wear on the roadways. big trucks tear up the highways, so do studded tire sissies... motorcycles don't weigh much and thus don't do too much damage to the road. well, except for having to scrape up body parts. i think there are some polution standards for bikes...probably in california. i know mine has a catalytic converter
  13. 60mph for SUV's?

    why don't motorcycles get government incentives like hybrids? great gas milage, don't take up any highway space, way fewer parts to be manufactured than any car. (well except for those chrome-addicted harley crazies!)
  14. LaFuma sleeping bags

    i've had the 800 for a few years now and have loved it. very light and packs to nothing. i think the newer models have a fill length zipper. anyway - i've used it in combination with a light down jacket into the low 20's. it was ~$175 and weighs 1.5lbs
  15. Friday cute cat thread!

    cute shark bait thread
  16. Bobcat sighting???

    maybe a link will help?
  17. 25 Viewing...

    there's something i thought i'd never hear again
  18. 25 Viewing...

    i saw some shoes at the store yesterday that boasted the tag "Airport Safe" ...the terrorists have won
  19. Coldplay

    you forgot: the linkanator
  20. 25 Viewing...

    flying is safe:
  21. 25 Viewing...

    i spend my days making airplanes more saferer good luck
  22. Wednesday movie thread

    classic funny ones: Three Amigos The Jerk Vacation (The original, or the European one...you pick) Used Cars Blazing Saddles
  23. Coldplay

    coldplay: the new
  24. Coldplay