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  1. Monday morning

    no i think i'll just park it in the garage
  2. Monday morning

    i lost my groove this morning when i saw that someone tried to start my motorcycle with a screwdriver one night parked on the street fuqin' suburbs!
  3. La sportiva Nepals for Mckinley?

    good money smart option: buy some old plastics from 2nd ascent for CHEAP and then go to FF for some intuition liners. WARM and COMFY!!
  4. BoeAlps Approach Rating

    I was thinking about this the other day on the approach to eldorado. The WA* mentioned above is how wet you get going thru a stream. whattabout a log crossing rating? slick mossy log w/ class 5 rapids below vs. big flat log w/ chicken wire. any deathlogs out there? (insert mexican food joke here)
  5. FS: Coat, Helmet, Runners, Hardware

    i want your nuts PM sent
  6. Aid Rack

    Racks are aid
  7. Boys Dont Cry

  8. Photo Caption

  9. Ideas That Should Have Flopped, But Didn't

    the word 'cronyism'
  10. dead man anchors

    what movie is it? btw- trees have been using dead man anchors for years. we just aren't as smart as nature
  11. Previous Supreme Court Confirmation Votes

    liberals are obstructionists?
  12. midafternoon joke break

    what do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs? still no eyed deer
  13. midafternoon joke break

    what do you call a deer with no eyes? no eyed deer
  14. Another Cat Thread

    sorry.... didn't feel like searching for it. but thought this had to be shared
  15. midafternoon joke break

    "gunna go talk to a guy about a horse"
  16. media skew part tew

    a grieving mother
  17. Yet another hurricane thread...

    Cat. 3!!
  18. Whopping good deal

    next time you buy skis, I'll take the $10. thanks!
  19. Yet another hurricane thread...

    talked to my sister who was/is leaving houston. 16 hours to go ~ 60 miles. she sounded like she was having fun
  20. Yet another hurricane thread...

    Ditka vs. Hurricane Rita??
  21. Yet another hurricane thread...

    anyone else here have family evacuating? I've got a sister and her fam leaving houston and my folks leaving their house on the coast... hope the traffic isn't too bad and hope their houses are there when they get back... kind of hit close to home talking to my dad, when he said he's collecting memorabilia for the drive out. here's to 'em!
  22. Global warming also effecting Mars?

    ummm... doesn't the end of the last ice age also support those crazy fucktards?
  23. Global warming also effecting Mars?

    i thought they were hybrids tho....
  24. Strip clubs and handbags.

    why don't they cut the middle man and just pay the victims to strip for eachother?