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  1. Car entrance fees to triple at Mount Rainier

    what are HER entrance fees?
  2. Political Thread

    army of whorebunnies?
  3. Political Thread

    add harmony?
  4. Political Thread

    add how many?
  5. Thursday good news thread:

    I've got none... so let me enjoy yours
  6. Thursday good news thread:

    good for people that love bad
  7. Thursday good news thread:

    glad i could help
  8. Car entrance fees to triple at Mount Rainier

    well the park is a good drive from seattle - can't they use the gas tax instead of charging admission?
  9. Christian Coalition going down!

  10. Highway 2

    That Taco Bell in the AM/PM is a killer
  11. Media Bias!!!

    where's the headline that blames global warming for the early snowfall?
  12. Pimp Your Ride

  13. Tuesday

    why should i go GET a job. i'm waiting for W to create one.
  14. floppy disks

    and hairy
  15. floppy disks

    it's only a messenger
  16. floppy disks

    speaking of drugs...
  17. floppy disks

    or a surgeon
  18. Bush major policy address

    i mean, DON'T shoot the puppy
  19. Bush major policy address

    shoot the puppy
  20. floppy disks

    she should have pressed the 'easy' button instead
  21. Bush major policy address

    because Sadam wanted it to look like he had WMD's. This was discovered and reported in the 9/11 report. Whether he had them or not, he wanted the world to think he did.
  22. Bush major policy address

    truth is somewhere in between
  23. Bush major policy address

    so, um... have we settled who is driving the Ferraris?
  24. Little Observations from Daily Life

    what would happen if people were required to have their cell phone number written on the back of their car. imagine the chaos!