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  1. Overheard

    at work: "you haven't lived till you have an ultrasound on your eyeball...they put that k-y jelly on it..."
  2. captions please

    "mile-high-club...oh yeah, TWICE baby!"
  3. Wired Hexes

  4. Muir on Saturday

    that's a huuuuge house cat
  5. I like beards

    i'll show you mine, if you show me yours
  6. Pink Floyd

    what if you liked The Wall BEFORE it was cool?
  7. primaloft vs. down

    Just got the OR primaloft hoody jacket. Probalby not as light as some of the others, but standard OR toughness. just a suggestion as something else to look at.
  8. Free Solo 5.7

    snorkels are aid. or was he using it to breath?
  9. Good Ideas?

  10. Next disaster - your prediction

    a lot of dead
  11. Good Ideas?

    there's too many i-pods in the world too.

    computer killing post

    beware the zombie
  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    is it kinky or perverted?
  15. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    you going to blow out your own candles?
  16. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    sorry, it was the checkoxes
  17. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    Ask the tuff questions:
  18. Bad Ideas

    passed a boeing truck on my way to lunch - he was carrying an airplane engine on his flat bed... millions and millions of $$$... i looked over as i passed and he was using both hands to open a candy bar.
  19. Next disaster - your prediction

    the bird flew in turkey? that's just fowl!
  20. Political Thread

    and spell check
  21. Political Thread

    yes, but the 'beating a dead horse' method is expected
  22. Political Thread

    a little verbose, eh? doesn't the word 'liberal' cover all that?
  23. Political Thread

  24. Next disaster - your prediction

    Terror in the middle east