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  1. Retractable roof over a favorite crag?

    btw - the cheerleaders should also have a retractable top...
  2. Retractable roof over a favorite crag?

    i hear there are a few NFL cheerleaders that need a job!
  3. Winter Training!

    where can you find a good cheesecake around here?
  4. Computer Question....

  5. Winter Training!

  6. Seattle voters

    if you go to a smokey bar - you can't complain. whether you knew it or not, you decided that the music/beer/company/etc. is worth the health risk or the odor. we are rational beings.

    "tonight, i'm the wide receiver!"
  8. 1/5th of a second

    you could have a good time at your senior prom
  9. FOR SALE Avy Beacon, Altimeter, Gloves, Rock Gear

    HB's L dry tools PM sent...
  10. Bush's supreme court pick

    Bush's Supreme pick
  11. Caption of the week!

    "that balloon animal looks just like me!"
  12. bouldering: the cutting edge

    today's deal-a-meal calls for: NUTS
  13. Good News! Miers is Out

  14. ....is more likely than the Astros winning?

    the white sox winning...
  15. Need more Galloway!!!

    need more !!

    Only in Seattle, All freaks are in cahoots to yell at cabs. PTIRTWM
  17. ....is more likely than the Astros winning?

    me crapping my own thread...
  18. ....is more likely than the Astros winning?

    me too! what's up with man on 3rd, 1 out - and no squeeze play? that's what lost it for 'em!
  19. boot liner question

    I have intuitions in my civettes. The boots fit alright before hand and fit great now. buttt- as always, feet and people are different. Like gary said, go to a shop w/ your boots and figure it out.
  20. Thermos recommendations?

    Oh, I'm picking out a thermos, for you Not an ordinary thermos, for you But the extra-best thermos, you can buy With vinyl, and stripes, and a cup built right in I'm picking out a thermos for you And maybe a barometer too And what else can I buy, so on me you'll rely A rear-end thermometer too
  21. Beware of Boulder?

    i'm flying to denver today - and this made me feel better about flying frontier: (need headphones) discount airline tribute
  22. Chaps?

  23. Yet Another Hurricane