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  1. Patagonia expaditions?

    if you go to the ranger station in el chalten... they have tons of beta compiled there. cerro solo is mellow and a rad summit. best view evarrrr
  2. FS: Yates Adjustable Daisies

    good as new - only 2.5 pitches on them. after trying them out, i just prefer the metolius ones. $30 for the pair (one's red and one's black)
  3. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 1/25/2009

    took the left line on saturday... it took screws fine. i think going left will thin out the rack a bit. in total we used 4 screws, 2 small nuts, one picket and a couple long slings for trees.
  4. Best Cell Carrier for OR and WA Cascades?

    the best cell carrier for OR or WA cascades is the one having the most fone
  5. [TR] Chair Pk - NE Butt. 1/22/2009

    nice report and all...but did you have to blab it all out there like that. i'm sure the conditions will be suxor by tomorrow and i've heard they are closing the pass anyway...
  6. What a difference 4 years makes

    imagine the carbon footprint of this one! OMG!!!
  7. FS: Ice screw, Drytool gloves

    i'll take the screamers...
  8. crampons for tele boots

    i've had G12's on tele boots... worked fine
  9. must... get.. home... box... surely ..on ...doorstep...
  10. George W Bush

    i can't answer the question of who was hated more, that would mean i could read minds. but by observation i can tell you that the displays of hate for bush are more vulgar and more prevalent .... by orders of magnitude.
  11. George W Bush

    i was living in texas during the clinton years and here in seattle during the bush years... absolutely no comparison.
  12. Climbing pics are cool!

    liberty crack
  13. we need more religion threads

    did someone say mooninite?
  14. Investigating Bush poll

    btw - your poll is flawed... it could be that those who hate bush but are not convinced of his guilt do not want there to be an investigation ...just in case it comes out clean - and they would vote 'no' just as it could be there are those that believe that bush is innocent and want the left to let it go...they might vote yes. ie - i think you meant for your poll to say "do you hope bush gets convicted of high crimes".
  15. Investigating Bush poll

    i've got your bush investigating pole right here!
  16. Hard Men

    i don't know how long it lasted or is lasting, but in oct - there was a bithin display of climbing and bigwalling history in the museum in yosemite. it was/is amazing to watch some of the old video footage and interviews. these guys were truley going into no-man's land, having no idea if they were going to make it back. (btw - don't google "hard men"...fyi)
  17. Rainier in 1 day

    disagree! sledding is actually fun!
  18. just ordered some of the maximuses (maximi?) stoked to get em and replace my beloved ventors. just guessed for size - will report findings when they show up.
  19. The Steady Decline of Spray

  20. More Global Warming Bullshit

    your need for a gym is well in line w/ the pampered, non-green general public
  21. good as new, only used for about 10 minutes once. $220 (for the pair) i would be willing to work some deal for some AT bindings. local seattle sale... thanks!
  22. BD Fusion tools for sale (or trade)

    sale pending..
  23. whoa! those maximus look like sweet wall shoes... anyone know how they size?