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  1. McCain speech

    OMG!!!! thread drift police!!!!!!
  2. "GUILTY!"... now how hard was that?

    people here love second guessing w/o actually being there... check out the 'iraq' thread
  3. McCain speech

    can we instead make tasteless black jokes?
  4. craigslist spam?

    maybe the computer nurds here know, but what is the deal w/ the craigslist scams? for instance, you search for cars on craigslist and there are these idiotic ads for like a 2005 BMW for $3000. yah, sure they are fishing for e-mail addresses i guess, but why do they include the small text in the ad that seems to be just random jibberish. it doesn't look like keywords but rather bits and pieces of stories and such? wtf? just curious. for instance, this was at the bottom of a car ad:
  5. craigslist spam?

    try some ointment
  6. craigslist spam?

    ah, i was wondering if you cut and paste it all from different ads, it could give you some map to a buried treasure.... but your explanation sounds a bit more reasonable. not as fun, but more reasonable.
  7. Pants fit question

    sounds like a perfect fit to me.
  8. congrats d00d!! nice work and a STEEP wall, eh! those pictures rock!
  9. Iraq

    Say WHAT!?!? Wrong answer dude! Your problem is obvious. I have a photo of this dude with his head up his ass! What ever you thing about this war right or wrong, just or immoral, WE ARE NOT THE BAD GUYS! easy there turbo.... that was mega-sarcasm
  10. Iraq

    because we are the bad guys!!!!!!! duh!
  11. Iraq

    according to pelosi...things ARE getting better in iraq - no thanks to the us troops, but instead thanks to the goodwill of the iranians.
  12. Iraq

    or there's absolutely no hope well, that would be them editorializing...wouldn't it...
  13. I am the idiot

  14. Iraq

    the fact that there is less and less media coverage lately is kind of indicative of it being less and less bleak. IMO
  15. Iraq

    If you could see it with your own eyes you would understand. Everything being done there is to stimulate autonomy. 1) Building the Army 2) Building the police force 3) Fixing dilapidated power, sewer, water and housing issues 4) Creating a constitution that all sects can live with. ensuring these things are done ensures that we will not have to go back. Edit: Oh yeah and catch Iranian soldiers trying to mess it all up I have a friend (Marine) who HAS been there, and HAS seen it with his own eyes, and he thinks it's all bullshit. I'm just pointing out that not everybody who has seen it with their own eyes believes in the mission. My grandfather served in the Pacific from '41 to '45. He considered the war to be all bullshit and a waste of 4 years of his life. While being shipped home after the war, he threw his uniform overboard. Just saying... My friend's perspective was that the leadership had no clear idea what they were doing, or what they had got themselves into, or how to accomplish anything that they might decide they were doing. And that once somebdoy decided what they were doing, they were usually at odds with some other decision made elsewhere, to do something different. Clusterfuck was how he described it. that's a very common sentiment that workers have about their bosses and the companies they work for. in a big company or bureaucracy (like the military) the average worker (soldier) doesn't have the field of vision that the leaders have. at the same time, all too often the leadership doesn't have the hands-on knowledge that the workers (soldiers) have. can't really take the single data points as gospel, in either direction
  16. Iraq

    Read: GWB. When McCain is elected, I will do my job the same as I have under GWB. The only thing I can do is train myself all day everyday to be the best I can to do what my country wills me to do. Scott 6/4/08 yes, he is choosing to continue doing that based on his personal question and answer sessions. can you take a big reach and open your mind that even right wingers think about things even if they don't come up with the same answers you do.
  17. Iraq

    When soldiers start questioning authority, that's the day we turn into the French. Absolutely he should be blindly following his leader's (legal) orders. Like a fucking robot, I hope.
  18. Iraq

    how do you know he hasn't questioned authority. maybe he has and found that his answers line up w/ the authorities. the same can be said about you not questioning the 'anti-war authorities'. you think your side can be the only one that has any individual thoughts or actions, yet you all sound the same.
  19. Iraq

    i'm not fooling anyone... i'm a sprayer thru and thru. check my posting record, i say very little that is useful.
  20. World record artificial breasts (picture)

    are those huge?
  21. Huge fall at Smith

    what's a huge fall? what's a big wall? what's a moderate grade? what's the best climb? what's a first winter ascent? what's not bush's fault? what's the cause of global warming? what's a neutrino and a windshirt have in common?
  22. Wow, The Obama Speech

    what was it? "i can no sooner disown rev. wright than i can my own grandma..." in the last big groundbreaking, historical, blah blah blah speech... see how THAT all panned out
  23. Angry Democrat

    looking forward to that...
  24. Iraq

    this post should win over the hearts and minds of the cc.com sprayers!!! [if the cc.com sprayers had either hearts OR minds]
  25. GM, ahead of the curve again

    ummm.. that was in response the moneymaking comment... not the designs