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  1. Camalots FS: #4, #5 and old #5

    #4 and #5 are C4's the old #5 is the one prior to the thumb loop. size is between a C4 #5 and C4 #6 #4: $50 #5: $60 old #5: $40 All have been used but are in good condition.
  2. Camalots FS: #4, #5 and old #5

    #4 is gone. Both #5's still available
  3. Brand new, never used ledge and simply fly. $450 for both this: http://www.mtntools.com/cat/bigwall/ledges/blackdiamondsingleportaledge.htm also have an older BD double ledge and fly. Its the fold-up style ledge. been used a bit but still goes. will sell that kit (ledge and fly) for $300 ..make an offer!
  4. FS: Black Diamond Single Ledge & Fly

    bump! double is gone. single and fly still available. $325
  5. SOLD...Grivel Alp wings

    Bump $100
  6. FS: Black Diamond Single Ledge & Fly

    bump! still have both ledges and flys
  7. FS: Muira Velcro 42.5

  8. Looking for retired ropes!

    nick - you in seattle? i think i have a few to get rid of.
  9. Big Bro's #3 and #4

    #3 and #4 big bros for sale $25 each
  10. Big Bro's #3 and #4

  11. Big Bro's #3 and #4

    Linnaeus called dibs. sale pending. will let you know if it falls thru.
  12. FS: Black Diamond Single Ledge & Fly

    bump BD double still available. $250? (ledge and fly)
  13. An ode to Frenchman Coulee

    yup.. the solution: get other people to stop going there
  14. A day with Fred

    DONE! what a legend, inspiration, story etc etc etc...
  15. squamish fatality

    ugh......that's annoying... oh well... the internet.
  16. squamish fatality

    we spoke to the first rescuers on the scene. we finished rapping as they got to the base and we directed them to where she fell. we didn't see specifically where she came from. might still contact them...
  17. squamish fatality

    update to the article make is sound more like a hiker.. not that it really matters. tragic no matter what. i was at the top of the split pillar when it happened and was about the worst thing i could imagine seeing. unrelated: about an hour beforehand, a large chunk of rock fell off the sword pitch. narrowly missing a few parties on the route and several parties at the base of exasperator (etc)... a bad day coulda been a whole lot worse.
  18. anyone have a BD stubby haul bag collecting dust? i'll take it off your hands! thanks! bob
  19. arc'teryx b360a

    anyone know if any local (seattle area) shops carry the b360a harness? i did see one at feathered friends but it was an XL... no help to me. any experience w/ it? bob
  20. This is my boy!

    gotta be proud!! that's awesome!
  21. Bigwall All-Day Shoe Comparison

    dude... seamseal those puppies... well, do it BEFORE the wall. as for shoes, no idea on what's being proposed. I've used thunders for a few and they seem to work. your feet will hurt regardless. put some weight in which ones are easiest to take on and off.
  22. FS - Pins, hooks, blades, arrows, and angles

    what's the throw on those hooks??? split it up, man!!
  23. FS: boots, osprey pack & AAJs

    fyi - those gonda's are RAD bigwall shoes. wish they were my size.
  24. Arcteryx Epsilon Hoody & Moonstone Down Vest

    pm sent re epsilon...