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  1. yes, that's probably true. it's not the opinion, but the obsessive need for attention.
  2. pope, i hope you die soon. and i really mean that. i hope it's painful, but i'd be willing to trade the suffering for your death occurring before summer.
  3. " Iran had a decent government, but we didn't like them, so got the Shaw put into power there. By doing that we created the seeds of the Iranian revolution. " yeah, that was a sweet plan on our part. i always explain that to my students when they're like, 'why don't people in iran like us?' that's what you get when you fuck a stranger in the ass.
  4. i'm pretty far left, but even to me the progress in the region has been impressive since 9/11. look at the efforts in pakistan to limit the power of radicals, new work on a palestinian peace deal, the fall of the pro-syrian gov't in lebanon, libya making nice noises, egypt making chanes. pretty excellent stuff. in the end, i don't think our methods are morally defensible (and the good effects are correlative, not causal), but i'm thrilled we seem to be getting some good out of the war. and on the home front i think it's a good sign that anyone here can begin to see some good in the other side.
  5. yeah, the u.s. economy is about to tank. same nonsense we worried about in the nineties, eighties, and seventies. be calm, people.
  6. every good game has three elements: balance, consequences, and a loser. this is a good game, and this monkey is the loser. the only difference between the stupid friends of my teen years and this kid is that if i missed a jump, my friends would point and laugh. and if i tried to blame it on someone else they'd slap me silly.
  7. find something that is cheap and will fit over all your clothing. you'll never notice 2 oz. of weight if it has the features you want.
  8. lars: you're an idiot, a coward, and an asshole. and not very original. 'your' heartfelt opinions have, nearly word for word, come from other sources. shut it.
  9. check out the montrails. they'll do what you need, though probably you'll need new crampons.
  10. you forgot one: president claims to nationally respected reporter and biographer that he regularly talks to god and knows god approves of u.s. foreign policy.
  11. look, i'm as left as the next guy, but the idea that one of the most important factors of any energy policy we might adopt should be to deny revenue to certain elements of certain states is silly, IMO. look at the converse: our energy policy reduces oil revenues in the middle east, creating poverty and making it easier for radicals to recruit terrorists. while i absolutely support a dollar (two dollar, even) tax on gas, i think you may be oversimplifying the complexity of these issues.
  12. you'll have a very hard time finding a bag lighter and smaller than the western mountaineering highlite.
  13. at 17,500 my XGK worked well, while my whisperlite did not. i vote for the XGK for extended stays over 14K.
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