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  1. SOLD: K2 She's Piste with Silvretta 404 & skins

    Jesse, I'll take the skis - just sent you an e-mail.
  2. Searching for a Camp-USA Woodpecker ice axe

    Somebody in CO has a pair: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Camp-Woodpecker-Ice-Tools-w-leashes-ice-climbing-alpine-mountaineering-/142207710940?hash=item211c3d76dc:g:G80AAOSw0HVWDKU~
  3. WTB Ice Tools and 4 Screws

    Scott, I have a pair of excellent condition ('as new' - used once) orange colored BD Vipers; one with mini hammer, one with mini adze. Both with Laser picks - $350 I also have a pair of BD Android leashes - $50 and additional BD Laser picks (brand new) - $25 Keith
  4. All clothing and gear is either NEW or in excellent condition. Pictures of all items for sale here: Pictures ITEMS FOR SALE: New (without tags) Patagonia Micro Puff belay jacket (Medium) - $100 Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero Conduit SL belay jacket (Medium) - $150 Mountain Hardwear Synchro soft shell jacket (large) - $50 Berghaus Grid Fleece pullover (Similar to Patagonia R1) (Large) - $30 Patagonia R1 Fleece vest (Small) - $25 NEW (with tags) Marmot Driclime vest (small) - $30 Ciloger Ballistics Worksac 30L - $125 Outdoor Research Expedition Modular Gloves, Goretex shell (small) - $25 NWOT Black Diamond Android Leashes & tool clips (Pair) - $60 NEW Black Diamond Laser Picks - $25 each DMM 4CU No 3.5 (only ever placed once or twice) - $40 DMM 4CU No 4.0 (only ever placed once or twice) - $40 Pictures of all items for sale here: Pictures Located in Seattle area. Will ship at cost.
  5. Alpine/ice climbing gear

    How old are the crampons? How long are the screws? How much are you asking?
  6. WTB Ski pack

    Not an Avalung pack, but I have a Cilogear 30L ballistics worksac. Only used a handfull of times; good condition. $125 http://www.cilogear.com/30lbawo.html
  7. Trip: Chair Peak - North Face Date: Feb 12 2012 Trip Report: Jeremy [La Mano] and I teamed up via the CC partners forum for our first climb together. Approach: From Alpental, snowshoes were handy on the latter part of the trail to Source lake and beyond. Trooper Jeremy, breaking trail Gear Notes: Single 70 m rope, 3 pickets, 5 screws (stubby, 2x10, 2x13), small-medium wires, pegs (2xKB, 1xLA, 2xsmall angles), and slings (5x4', 6x8', 3 screamers). Route: 3 pitches with a bit of simul-climbing on P2 & P3 worked well with a single 70 m. Jeremy above the steep section of P1 P1 - A small snow-bridge across the bergschrund at the base allowed access to an unconsolidated snow cone. After a little uphill swimming there was a section of steep and decent ice followed by steep snow. Good rock gear on RH side and OK screws. Belay on picket and a couple of screws. Jeremy setting off on P2 P2 - Unconsolidated snow and OK ice led up and right to belay in the trees. P3 - More unconsolidated snow, OK ice, good tree slings and rock gear. We turned the cornice on the RH side. After a short climb up and right we were on the summit enjoying good views through patchy cloud cover. Obligatory Summit Photo Descent: Head towards NE buttress, over a small rise, down and (skiers) right into a gully. Down climb to fixed gear on a head-wall (skiers left). We joined ropes with another team for the rap back to the basin below, and our stashed snowshoes. A shorter rap, or down climbing would be fine. The soft snow made for a fun descent back to Source lake and we were soon back at the car. Sadly we both forgot to bring post climb beers; nonetheless a jolly good day out with a new friend, and I look forward to more.
  8. New to PNW from Utah looking to get out

    You got me with the promise of malty beverages. I'm based in Burien and would love to share some alpine adventures, especially as I have time on my hands at the moment. I have not climbed as much as I would have liked over the last 2-3 years - largely due to work pressure, which is no longer an issue. I'm an OK rock climber and a much better ice climber, a Brit who started rock climbing in '86 and ice climbing in Scotland the same year (wow, that long ago). I lived in the US from 95'-'07 (04-07 in Seattle) before heading back to the UK and then returning to Seattle late last year. I have enough gear for an expedition and then some, although I may not always have access to the car my wife and I share. Happy to meet and talk about climbing over beer, however, climbing then beer would be better. For starters, a fun sounding (relatively easy?) alpine adventure I have wanted to get on for a while is the Tooth in Snoqualmie (there is a trip report in alpine lakes region from a couple of days ago). Alternatively there are a couple of fun sounding routes on Chair peak (North face or NE ridge). We may have missed the best of the weather this week, but the forecast is still not shocking (http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/total_forecast/getprod.php?prod=XXXAFDSEW&wfo=SEW) and avalanche conditions are mostly 'green'(http://www.nwac.us/). Cheers, Keith 206 612 1833
  9. BD ice tool picks new - sold

    pm sent re Picks
  10. An informative article posted today on UK Climbing. "In this article, Glenmore Lodge Senior Instructor George McEwan takes a look at a study of ice anchors and explores the findings. Just how strong are abolokov threads and re-bored ice screws? Read on and find out!" http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=4315
  11. FS BD Cyborg crampons

    What is the 'reduced price'? Thanks
  12. [TR] Unicorn Peak - Standard 12/22/2011

    JasonG, Thanks for the camera info. Also, great composition on your pictures.
  13. [TR] Unicorn Peak - Standard 12/22/2011

    Hey Sobo. Yes, a fine day on the summit of Ben Nevis, back in the day with 45-50 cm straight ice tools. Probably harder with the bent shafts and extra grips on modern tools and I'm very out of practice...
  14. [TR] Unicorn Peak - Standard 12/22/2011

    Thanks for sharing. Looks a super day out and beautiful pictures. What camera did you use?
  15. Roadside bolted ice route