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  1. Trip: Mount Olympus - Blue Glacier/Crystal Pass Date: 7/17/2014 Trip Report: Sorry for the link but I didn't feel like typing it out all over again... http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php/278783-TR-Mount-Olympus-and-Olympic-National-Park
  2. Thanks for the TR and pics. I'm planning on doing this exact itinerary next week. Hopefully, I have as good of weather as it looks like you had.
  3. I have a Dynafit setup for you. Not sure what you wanted to spend but it's an awesome setup. 180cm Atomic Heli Daddy's w/ Dynafit Comfort's and skins cut to fit for $575. Everything is in excellent condition. Let me know if you are interested. I don't check here all that much so send me an email if you are interested. I can get you pics too. bumskibum@gmail.com
  4. I have Dynafit Comforts, Dynafit Mohair skins, and Dynafit 7.0 Ft touring skis I am looking to unload. Skins and Skis are new never skied. I also sent you an email to the one listed on your profile.
  5. FYI got this info from someone that attempted Leuthold's this morning:
  6. I was also going to do it this weekend with two others. However after this report and the warm temps this week and over the weekend we are thinking of doing the southside instead:( Hopefully that will be ok.
  7. Well just read that new trip report on Leuthold. Guess that answers my question. damn.
  8. Coming in from Denver this coming weekend to attempt Mt. Hood. How are the conditions looking for a climb up Leuthold's on Sunday. The weather looks like it will cooperate storm wise, but it looks like it may be pretty warm. We plan on getting a super early start but was wondering if anyone had some first hand recent knowledge of conditions. Any info is appreciated. Thx.
  9. I have a brand new pair of the Scarpa Spirit 3 AT boots in a mondo size 29.5. I got these off SAC and they are too big for me so I figured I would post them here before I loose money on return shipping. I am selling these for $210, you pay shipping. They retail for $640 and were on SAC for $210. Email (soups818@gmail.com) or PM me if interested or want to see pics. Also, I may have a pair of the Spirit's in a mondo 28.5 for the same price or a pair of Dynafit Aero Freetouring TF AT boot in a mondo 29.0 for $280 (these retail for $655). I haven't decided which of these two I am going to keep. I am leaning more towards the Dynafit's since they fit me really well out of the box. However, I am not sure if I want that much of a boot. The Spirit's aren't too far off in fit, they would just need some savvy fitting skills and I am not sure if I want to risk that. Your interest may sway may decision. All boots are Dynafit compatible. Also, any beta on either of these two boots is appreciated.
  10. I have a brand new in box pair of the new and improved 07/08 Silvretta Pure Freeride randonee bindings with 90mm brakes. The size medium has been known to be maxed out and fit a size 13 boot. These retail for $440 but I will part with them for $230 shipped. PM or email me for pics. The following was a review taken from Lou Dawson's Blog (wildsnow.com): "A few days ago we unboxed this coming season’s (07/08) Silvretta Pure Freeride. While substantially the same binding as last year’s offering, this model has several significant improvements that make it much more viable a choice for backcountry skiing.". "New 07/08 Silvretta Pure Freeride is similar to last year’s model but with significant improvements. Last year’s heel clamp is much beefier and has an extra “double action” that allows it to tilt farther forward in touring mode, thus providing more support for the small tongue of black plastic that supports the binding plate while you’re touring." "Here is what’s different about the new toe. It has a way of hinging that allows more forward angle when the binding plate and boot are taken to max forward angle in touring mode, which occurs when you fall forward in touring mode (a “knee fall”). The idea is to prevent a knee fall from damaging the binding. On the bench, it looks like this might work as the point of binding damage is well beyond the angle where your knee hits the ski or snow surface. While this sort of damage is uncommon it did occur with earlier Pures, so curing this failure mode is in my opinion a significant improvement." "The improvements continue, and this is the killer feature. Any backcountry skier worth their avy beacon has worn out the pivot on a plate binding. Often you’re out of luck when this happens, as many AT bindings have a pivot that’s not user serviceable. But with the new Pure you’re totally set, as the pivot axle and bushings are easy to remove and replace by backing off the red star-drive screws on the side and popping the front of the plate out of the bracket." "There you go, a significantly changed and improved Pure Freeride for this coming season. Downside is the binding has gained weight, and at 35.4 ounces (1002 gr) per binding is only .6 ounces (20 gr) less than a Fritschi Freeride Plus, and is still not quite as laterally stable (meaning resistance to boot cuff forced left/right). So why pick the Pure Freeride over a Fritschi Freeride? I’d say the main reason is tourability. Pure’s big selling point is that the touring pivot is back farther toward the ball of your foot than any other binding, thus providing a natural stride only the Naxo can match or exceed. While this is not a big factor for steep fall-line climbing, it makes a huge difference during low angled tours." "As for the controversial Pure caveats I blogged a while ago, I’d say this binding and presumably the other 07/08 Pures (which have similar new features*) are improved and thus would require less shopper caution. That said, the crop of new Pure models has not received the ever telling North American consumer abuse testing, so I’ll reserve final judgment until next winter’s early adopters start sending me their emails. Also, I’ll go ski on the binders to keep it real and report back once that’s done."
  11. I have five Charlet Moser ice screws with tip protectors for sale. All threads and teeth are in excellent condition. No screw has ever seen a fall and had only been used during the 2005-2006 ice season. I also have the Charlet Moser Turbine for screwing in the screws. This device gives more leverage and screws in the screws faster than any other method out there. These screws are identical to the new Petzl Laser Sonics except they do not have the swivel hanger. See pic below. 2-17cm 2-13cm 1-10cm 1-turbine I will sell everything for $180, that includes shipping to the lower 48, Canada and Alaska will be extra.
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