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  1. Splitboard - Bent Voile binding plates.

    Nah I didnt have the climbing bars up, we were navigating twisty terrain, and i find the climbing bars make that trickier, cos i am not the worlds best skier!! Yeah I would periodically clear the snow bunchups but there was a lot of fricking snow. 50-100cm unconsolidated coastal cement powder. So maybe it was just freaky conditions that kinda put more stress than normal on the plates. And the multiday pack as well. I will contact Voile and see what they can do for me. But actually have given them to a mate who is a machinist, he is going to try to restore them to their unwarped state. Thanks
  2. Whats the general experience with the Voile binding plates. I was out in some heavy BC coastal powder touring recently.. Only got to ride once in a 4 day avy course, but we covered a lot of ground. I was choked to find my binding plates had bent from the build up snow under my feet over those days touring.. Anyone else had a similar experience? I will be communicating my dissatisfaction to Voile. Would have thought they would have stood up to more. They were brand new.
  3. Saw in a recent High mountain mag that they have a couple of new Ice climbing gyms in Scotland and England.. http://www.icefactor.co.uk/ Given the season is so short on the west coast, who knows one day it could be a vancouver reality, especially with the global thermostat set to "WARM"
  4. Splitboard Mountaineering Question

    I am newish to the Splitboarding game, but i have used my FLOW bindings with anything from Snowboarding boots, to hiking boots. I would think that you could put any type of boot in the FLOW bindings and get a solid result.
  5. Inside the mind of a potential avalanche victim

    Excellent thanks for posting the article, saw him present this recently and couldnt remember all the aspects...
  6. Cycling vs Running

    My gym just gotta kickass piece of treadmill type equipment that goes up to a 45 degree gradient... Well apparently, I normally just take it to the 22.5 Degree gradient. Nothing like the actual body dynamics of walking up a really steep hill. If anyone is interested I can find out all the details for you to hassle your gym with... Its sweet cos I can do a 30 minute session at lunch and get 600m vertical gain over a 2400m distance... Loving that.