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  1. Route suggestions?

    WA Pass Beckey Route on Liberty Bell? or maybe.... Darrington?
  2. liberty bell

    Whats the approach like to the Beckey Route? Sonw? Length? thanks
  3. Dangers of soloing

    yeah, there's weather, rock fall, cramps, etc. uncontraollable factors that matter in both solo and team climbing but with a rope you most likely will be ok. solo...maybe but doubtful.
  4. Bad Pants Party...?

    The very poor topo attached above is the only "Picture" i have. sorry.
  5. Bad Pants Party...?

    Sorry i had the route name mistaken, it is Bad Pants Party. is is in Squamish in the South Apron Gully the move in question is the last bolt before the tree ledge with the chain wrapped around the tree. i have been told that it might be height dependant as well as sandbagged? but still not positive i took the correct path.
  6. Bad Pants Party...?

    Anyone done it? .10b South Gully (by Apron) starts down and right a little ways of Rock On. at the last bolt (see poorly drawn topo attached) does it go straight up over slab bulge w/ almost no holds or does it cut straight out right? i did this route on Sat. just going by memory of what i had glanced at in the new (McLane) guide. got to that last bolt and it seemed way hard and i wasn't sure if i should of gone straight up through those hard bulge moves or cut over off to the right. if anyone knows i'd appreciate the beta and/or a topo would be awsome. good route either way (a little dirty though) thanks
  7. Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Photos

  8. camping at Squamish

    you can camp out on the spit (off of dirt roads behind the Save On Grocery store) for free, and you wake up to an amazing view. just over 5 minutes from the chief parking lot.

    You should be able to get someone who knows there stuff if you shop at any of the 3 Vertical World pro-shops (Bremerton, Seattle, & Redmond). they might not have the largest selection but they'll probably know what they're talking about.
  10. index weather

    Beautiful on Sunday. Packed parking lot too.
  11. Post deleted by vwfanatic96
  12. 8.5mm dry, dynamic half-rope good for top-roping?

    Yeah, I would have to agree
  13. Also on Oct. 22nd ABS Comp. at WildWalls in Spokane http://www.rockcomps.com/rockcomps/comps/event_details.cfm?id=1116
  14. Damnation Crack

    I was in Leavenworth last Fri. and did Damnation. Much harder then I expected but still an awsome climb. In the widest part of the chimney once you get up a little ways I believe you can get a purple TCU or green Alien ( can't remember exactly) on the wall behind you, then a few moves after that a sketchy grey TCU on the wall facing you then 2 more moves and a solid .75 Camalot.
  15. Squamish Chief climber's campground

    I was up there 3 weeks ago. and it was open, and charging. also it wasn't too full probably due to the predicted bad weather, but i still got in a weeks worth of climbing.