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  1. Rad! Despite the descriptions of difficult climbing with difficult pro, screaming barfies, blah, blah . . . I only got the real feel of how much suffering you guys were going through when I read this: "Talk was muted while we endured the situation in our own worlds." Haha, Ben and Tim speechless!?!? Unheard of!! Nice work guys!
  2. 2011/12 Washington Ice Conditions

    Yesterday, 12/12/2011, we climbed the route that "Cornfed" did out at Snow Lake last week. Conditions were great still, and I put up a picture of another line we saw on the same side of the lake from our approach. I'll put the link to my thread reply below, hope that works. It was super cold, nothing was melting up there. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1047696#Post1047696
  3. [TR] Snow Lakes - Unknown ice line 12/8/2011

    Thanks for the great TR. Imran, Robb, and I climbed this route yesterday. Super fun! The line was still in and stable yesterday. It had to be in the 20's up there, and in the shade all day. Imran used only one 19 screw, but 16's and the shorter ones (can't remember the length) went in well. There are several other lines we passed on the way above Snow Lake that look climbable now, but thinner than this line. The approach is still a great boot pack, although some areas of snow on the north-facing slope above Snow Lake have stayed cold and would have been fun to ski (where there isn't any avy debris). We rappelled from the same trees, and your slings with two 60 meter ropes. One line we saw on the approach Imran at the base of the route we climbed. View of Chair from the approach saddle above Snow Lake
  4. Updated picture of Chair Peak from 12/12/11. This was taken from the saddle between Source Lake and Snow Lake.
  5. Nice! Looks fun. how soon did you reach snow on the trail? Wondering about heading out to Colchuck this weekend, and debating on bringing skis.
  6. Nice, I'm stoked for Darrington this year!
  7. [TR] Big Four - Upper North Face 12/5/2009

    Great work, and great pictures! Looks like it was pretty great conditions out there. Glad to see Tim is willing to put up with a little bit of cold for a classic climb
  8. Will be in J Tree 1/24-1/?

    Mike, I wrote you a message.
  9. Will be in J Tree 1/24-1/?

    New to this forum, but thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who might be there around the same time. I'm heading to J-Tree from my sister's in San Diego on 1/23, but my climbing partners can only stay the weekend. I'll be staying longer (till 1/28 or 29?) to get in more climbing and satisfy my desert cravings . . . If anyone you or you know will be there that week, shoot me a message. Thanks! - Stephanie