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  1. Video TR Cody Ice

    I was inspired by the video TR of chair peak, and bored, so I did one of my own. Not nearly as good but it's my first attempt.
  2. Video TR Cody Ice

    I have to agree that you do surrender quality when you use youtube. The one nice thing about it is my family (pretty spread out) can see it from anywhere. I was pretty surprised though at the poor quality. It looks a lot better on my imovie.
  3. anybody want to dry tool in the spokane area tomorrow? minnie or cliff?
  4. Video TR Cody Ice

    I wish we would've taken more pictures. we tried to take more video than stills but someone (tazman) forgot to put it on the snow setting so everything was too washed out to use. I'm not too good at taking pictures while belaying either.
  5. that's more like my ratings. I'm not in it for the numbers. I'll take a good long meandering 3 before a short 4 anyday.
  6. I can say that a 4 in Cody seems to be a lot more stiff than a 4 in hyalite. I was quite surprised. Although we didn't have the best "full-on" season conditions while we were there either.
  7. And G2 is a more WI3/3+ than WI4 (especially this year)... still very much a great climb! I hate it when people feel like they need to correct something like this... what's the point?
  8. Photos are of The Cable, Children of the Sun, Trotskys Folly, Salt and Pepper and Clockwork Orange ( I think) and not in that order. Photos were taken with my cell phone so sorry about the quality. Lots of ice up there right now. The punchbowl is huge but the icicles above are monsterous. Tons of ice all the way up the coulee. Didn't climb, strictly recon.
  9. just a couple more...
  10. This is a very unselfish act on my part to help those in need this holiday season. I'm leaving tomorrow for 7 days in Cody, WY so I won't even be able to enjoy these sweet local conditions. They'll probably fall down before I get back, I'm sure. So all you west siders should come together and give me $15 for gas, and $3 in misc. snacks money. Enjoy!
  11. Banff Ice Beta Request........

    THOS is an awesome climb. I've only been on it in late season when it's all hooked out but it's fun regardless. well worth the day for sure, it's a must if you're in the ghost. another one that was fun in a great area was "finishing hammer gulley." beautiful views of Howse peak.
  12. Banff Ice Beta Request........

    the ghost is unbelievable. lots to climb in that range and an awesome area. check access and conditions on live-the-vision.com or gravsports.com before you spend the time driving back there though.
  13. Where is the ICE!???

    twin falls and G2 were both climbed this last w/e.
  14. Where is the ICE!???

    I will as soon as my partner gets off his ass and sends them to me. I forgot my camera. What are you doing dec. 7-13th? we're going back to cody. smooth emerald milkshake... 9 continuous pitches of WI4!
  15. Where is the ICE!???

    cody and bozeman both have good ice.
  16. FS: Marmot Alpinist Jacket - $50

    I'll give you $60
  17. FS: Petzl Quark Ergos $300

    I'll take some pictures... iceclimbguy at hotmail dot com
  18. new info on kautz?

    headed up friday, anyone been up there lately?
  19. new info on kautz?

    I would agree with you Arc, we thought that was weird to write on a trip report, but that's what it said. For us it was more of the fact that there was no visibility and we didn't want to go up the fan not being able to see rockfall. We're not as hardcore as some I admit.
  20. new info on kautz?

    didn't do it, we woke up to about 100 foot visibility at paradise and a trip report from 2 days earlier (logged with the NPS) said both the fan and glacier approach were impassible.
  21. Wanted: BD CF Prophets or Cobra Ice Tools

    there are 3 pictures in the "for sale' section of the gallery.
  22. Wanted: BD CF Prophets or Cobra Ice Tools

    I've got a couple bent shaft carbon prophets. PM sent...
  23. [TR] Mount Rainier- Gibraltar Ledges 3/2/2006

    was there an opportunity for any rock gear at all? pins, nuts...? I'm headed up to try that route in a week. was there any ice at all? how far is the "exposed" section from the entrance to the chute? thanks for any answers you can provide.
  24. Leavenworth--Icicle Creek

    Climbed thin ice in icicle last weekend about 45 minutes off the main road. It wasn't in the guide book so I don't know anything about it. It was WI3 but very thin, rock protection for the route but we got 2 stubbies for a belay. It was at least two pitches but we didn't do the 2nd because the 15 foot vertical portion looked bad. If we could've put a nut in or something we would've done it. I was just happy that I got to swing some tools. There's actually 2 variations to climb. One is tucked into the corner and the other is a nice ribbon on a smooth face. I'm not too familiar with the icicle so I'm not sure where we were. We saw something that looked like ice and took off. 45 minutes up steep slopes. It was a pretty fun day. I'll try and get a photo on here.