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  1. yeah, not a bad find. Anyone ever see this in the past. I'm itching to name something and proclaim it mine (and Bob's)... Even if it is WI2.
  2. my mistake

    sorry, looked at the date wrong.
  3. my mistake

    If I could climb "a relatively fat freestanding dead-nuts 5+/6- vertical pillar," I'd skip school and run up there tomorrow. But I can't so I'll have to read about someone else doing it. That's why I put the post on here so one of you guys will do it and post some pics before one of those damn canadians does it.
  4. you can see it from the main road if you go about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile past bridge creek. You can see the bottom part of it through the brush. It looks a lot steeper from the road. When you start walking on the gated dirt road just after the bridge, go until it dead ends and start traversing up through the crappy thick brush. You can't really see it until you're on it. It took about 30 minutes from the car. If you go, take the time to head all the way up the drainage to see if there's anything else. I'm curious to see if we missed out on anything good.
  5. Palisades?

    I talked to paul detrick about these last year because they came in pretty good but according to him they are still off limits. There is one falls about 30 seconds off the road closest to ephrata on the palisades road (I forgot the name) which you can climb. I know one of the relatives of the guy who farms this or owns it and he claims the owner is alright with people climbing it. Hope this helps.
  6. Indian Canyon Falls

    It's right off the road down by Indian Canyon golf course. Last year it came in for a couple days if that. really short but fun none the less. 2 or 3 years ago it came in and stayed for a couple weeks. It's easily top-roped with the big obvious tree about 25 feet above it.
  7. Great truck, wish I didn't have to sell it but I'm going back to school. It's in great shape, very clean & color is yellow. Newer 30x15" BF Goodrich tires, just had timing belt and all other belts replaced ($450 job). It's got a new Alpine CD/MP3 player with the direct connect for an ipod so you can control it from the head unit. Oil's been changed every 3000 miles religously. Thule box goes with! Has power windows and locks, tow pkg, flip-up moon roof and AC. It's also an automatic. No dents or scratches. 109k miles. Email me for more info or pics. Thanks!
  8. awesome! I've always wanted to do that route. Nice work
  9. Banks Lake Conditions

    ahh, I've lead a sheltered life apparently. I have honestly never heard that before. This forum has taught me so much, thank you trogdor.
  10. Banks Lake Conditions

    I think he was talking about the avalanche danger being so high that day, and our lack of concern towards it. skull
  11. Banks Lake Conditions

    how was that climb you guys were on? was it about the same thickness as sody pop? I banged the crap out of my ergos on the upper part of that climb. kinda thin in some places.
  12. Banks Lake Conditions

    nope. I got an ear full. but it was sooo worth it.
  13. Banks Lake Conditions

    that was a fun climb, wish it was longer. I did leave that grey webbing. we were in a hurry to get back because I told my wife I'd be back in spokane by 1:00. I think we left the base of the climb at 1. I was supposed to help with the mother-in-law dinner.
  14. Banks Lake Conditions

    I was the one with "tazman" that had just climbed that one north of bavarian dark (in the white VW). Believe it's called sody pop. short 40' or so 4. Fun little climb. I wanted to TR bavarian dark but we ran out of time, would've been a great mixed route. We also did the 1st pitch of clockwork orange.
  15. Banks Lake Conditions

    beer climbs are good too. bavarian dark isn't touching but it would be a great mixed route right now.
  16. [TR] Paulina Falls Ice - 1/15/2007

    great pictures, that bluish tint is awesome!
  17. went out today to see if anything survived the warm windy days we just had. almost everything in the soap lake to Blue lakes area completely fell down. we went up to do the bottom pitch of clockwork orange but the upper pitches were falling down, making it quite dangerous. Beer climbs are all gone, cable is mostly gone, salt & pepper was running bad and disinegrating, zenith is still whole though. punch bowl had no deathsicles but was very anemic. There's no ice at all on children of the sun anymore either. Guiness and kickapoo were there and were still solid from bottom to top (from the road at least).
  18. Soap Lake to Banks area 01/08

    probably well on it's way to reforming by then, but not "in" just a guess. I'm headed north to brave the cold.
  19. Soap Lake to Banks area 01/08

    i think you did. was it bob?
  20. Soap Lake to Banks area 01/08

    local 2052, nice to meet you
  21. Accident at Qunicy wildlife

    shitting razor blades is still there, although much worse looking than last week. if it survives today's warm ass temps then it just may have a chance... like it matters to me, I can't climb that shit. too hard!
  22. Soap Lake to Banks area 01/08

    I work for the moses lake fire dept and live in spokane. yes, canada is much better than montana... but I really wanted to get on narcolepsy this year.
  23. Soap Lake to Banks area 01/08

    maybe, still deciding. montana is still a possibility.
  24. Accident at Qunicy wildlife

    we tried that bottom pitch today, but the middle pitch was falling down making it hazardous.
  25. Accident at Qunicy wildlife

    I know someone who was working the day shift on the Quincy ambulance and they said they didn't respond to anything. About what time of day?