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  1. FS: Fischer AirCarbon Randonee Skis (twintips) 173

    Are the Aircarbons still available?
  2. For Sale: Crampons, Ice Axe

    Crampons SOLD
  3. Tele/Rando/Board battlecage

    I'm kind of reiterating what others have said, but to add my two cents. It probably depends what you want to do. I dropped snowboarding for teleskiing. Tele is much more useful for touring and getting turns in the backcountry. I have considered getting an AT setup if I decide to do some more serious mountaineering. I've tried climbing nearly vertical ice on toprope in my T2's and it isn't easy by any means, but doable for lower angle stuff. Glacier travel and general mountaineering isn't bad with tele gear.
  4. For Sale: Crampons, Ice Axe

    BD Raven, used once, 65 cm-$65/o.b.o Grivel G12's, used twice, crampomatic-$90/o.b.o Thanks for looking.
  5. FS: Sportiva and Asolo boots;3 pair

    Do the trango's fit true to size?
  6. FS - Garmont Dynamite AT Boots size 28.5 (mondo)

    I'm interested in the boots, if they are still available. Where do you live? You can PM me at intheways@aol.com.
  7. FS: Sportiva and Asolo boots;3 pair

    I may have missed in, but are the sportiva's still for sale.