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  1. WM's latest "film"

    So I went out and saw the most recent Warren Miller concoction. It certainly got me excited about the season, but I was disgusted by the intense level of product placement. I've seen a couple of his others, but never noticed this. Have his movies always been this way??? I feel used and abused. I will certainly never buy another ticket to a glorified Jeep/CamelBack/Nature Valley/Grand Marnier commercial. I left that theater feeling like a corporate whore...
  2. A work in progress...

    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. And you're not kidding, the Condoriri district is jaw-dropping cool. And base camp is only a few hours out of La Paz. Highly recommended... I also fell ill for a couple of days. Spent all night leaning out of my tent every 20 minutes and running to the loo every hour or so. Not fun in 30-degree weather. A vicious case of South American gut-rot.
  3. Here's my new little website in case anybody is interested. I'm working on a better photo album page, but there are some decent shots here, I think. I'm from the midwest, so I only get to climb anything of consequence once or twice a year. Anyway, hope you enjoy some shots of my little adventures... www.mjdipietro.com/photos
  4. BC Gear Question...

    Backcountry newbie here. Okay. So I found sweet deals on a pair of last year's Titanal III's and a pair of Scarpa Denali XT's. I'd like to get a pair of new boards for the AT setup, but don't have the cash. I'd like to sell my alpine gear to raise the cash for new AT skis, but am worried that the AT setup will not be adequate for resort skiing. I am a bigger skier at 225 lbs and I tend lto ski pretty hard in-bounds. I plan on skiing at most 50/50. So I guess my question is should I feel comfortable ditching my alpine gear in exchange for AT gear? Any and all info is appreciated...
  5. Scarpa Thermofit Liners

    Here's a fantastic tutorial... http://www.freeheelskier.com/video/thermofit.wmv
  6. Boot liners

    Right. The video is a fantastic tutorial and this thread on how to cook liners I'm sure has been hashed out a number of times. But my question is about swapping liners between boots. My situation: I have a pair of 2002 Scarpa Denali XT with standard liners. And a pair of Koflach Degres with packed out liners. I'd like to get thermo-moldable liners for both, but would rather get just one and swap the liner between the two pairs of boots. Is there any reason I should not do this? Does anyone else do this?
  7. Boot liners

    Hi all. I need new liners for my Koflach Degres. But I also bought a pair of 2002 Scarpa Denali XTs. These don't come with formable liners. Question: If I bought a pair of Garmont's G-Fit liners, could I cook them and swap them between my Degres and Denalis? Are they too high for climbing boots? Any and all info is appreciated...
  8. Looking for a used pair of Koflach's for a friend I'm trying to get into ice climbing. Willing to give up around $100 for them. Let me know!