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  1. RMI Accident

    John Lucia is indeed an experienced and strong guide...I've been on a rope with him on an RMI guided trip. He knows what he's doing, but this is an example that an inexperienced client like myself can not only endanger himself but his rope team as well. goodluck and speedy recovery to all injured.
  2. How do I get to Muir?

    Iapetus, sunglasses are a must-have stay hydrated get a map for the worst case Follow the Skyline trail from Paradise until it reaches the Warning sign at the Muir snowfield. then follow the footsteps Enjoy!
  3. hey all! I'd appreciate any info on treks in or around the Squamish/Whistler area. Wife and I are in the Whistler area from Friday through Monday and would like to bag a peak or two and enjoy views from atop. We are both in decent shape and have adequate skills/gear to take on up to a class III route. Suggestions?! Suggestions?
  4. hiking around Squamish/Whistler

    wow! that's a ton of options. Murraysovereign, thanks for the offer to "guide"! we will be driving back on the 4th of July holiday to make it back to the states. bummer. from what I've heard, there are no bad views in B.C. hopefully we will get a good sample this weekend.
  5. rope diameter and price?

    smaller diameter also means less weight = more convenience...therefore higher price?
  6. climbing after knee surgery

    I've had a meniscus repaired in 1996 but my knee still does a lateral move from time to time (quite painful). I use a brace with a metal hinge and it eliminates the side to side movement without impeding my ability to bend the knee for most situations. I never wear the brace when working out so that the muscle gets stronger independently. Taking the brace with you is not a bad idea at all. Goodluck, and have fun!
  7. boot fit issues

    greetings everyone. I have zero experience with ice climbing and I was wondering if on long ice climbing days people wear two smartwool socks with their ice climbing boots. I have a pair of scarpa alphas and they fit me well with one pair of smartwools but with my circulation I need two smartwools when alpine climbing/hiking/trekking in snow. So although this pair won't serve me well in climbing/hiking etc. I'm wondering if it can serve me on short pitches in recreational ice climbing. Depending upon your answer I may keep the alpha for ice climbing only. also please feel free to comment about the Alpha's usefulness as an ice climbing boot. Thanks!
  8. iPod Shuffle - Anyone Got One?

    I got SONY ear buds with a hook that goes around your ear. used them on rainier very successfully. only $10. I have an APACER 1Gig mp3 player fashioned after the MUVO players...it cost me $70 and that is the cheapest price for a 1Gig player. does everything a shuffle can for $70 and came with its own earphones which I don't use.
  9. REI - The Evil Empire

    I don't see many companies donating $3 million a year to improve the life of those who live in the beautiful areas that we visit and trash with our equipment that wasn't even bought at REI live and let live
  10. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    i wasted two minutes. its a hoax. just coz messner thinks it exists doesn't mean it does. now where are the cat pictures
  11. Plastic Boots

    and look for olyclimber's post in the online gear shops forum for a "happy ending" !
  12. Ptarmigan Ridge Rescue 2-6-05

    i hope he keeps all his fingers and toes. another remind that Rainier is not to be taken lightly even if you are a mountain guide. On a less sympathetic note, if THEY thought they should have turned back, then they SHOULD have turned back.
  13. Scarpa Alphas for $149

    thermoflex liners at marmotmountainworks.com for $130 odd. Together, a great boot with thermo liners for $300. edit: seems like bentgate.com is already selling a thermo liner scarpa for $299. so much for my idea for what its worth, the marmotmountainworks liner is an intuition liner.
  14. Anti-fog goggles

    Don't take them off once they are on. and when wearing them bring them over the forehead instead of starting around the neck and going up to the eyes. prevents some fogging. i've heard of goggles with a small motor and a fan. Not pulling your leg...honest. they cost $180 or something. never fog. EVER.
  15. Most useful/useless items on remote climb

    1. a packet of wet wipes will help. you can pick up some in a soft pack instead of the plastic boxes...easier to pack. 2. instead of carrying a bowl and a cup, just carry a bigger cup. you can eat AND drink out of a cup and reduce weight. just take a spoon, ditch the fork. 3. batteries or even better a solar charger with a slot for recharging batteries. reduces weight. 4. a whistle to attract your partner's attention. beats shouting at the top of your lungs 5. a small mirror to reflect sunlight at the rescue party's helicopter in case you are lost in the remote area. 6. Duck tape. ultimate solution for all problems. Goodluck.
  16. just wanted to say that I bought this parka from Tyler. he is a great guy to do business with and the parka was in excellent shape as described. I'd do business with him again. Thanks Tyler!
  17. Wise-Ass Wisdom

    not wise-ass but quite useful for climbers: "it's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer", Albert Einstein
  18. One Piece Suit

    to give some credit to one-piece down-suits...check out edviesturs.com he and all others who don't want to flash freeze still wear 'em but only for summit days on 8000 meter peaks.
  19. What have you done with duct tape lately?

    used it to cover a hole in the seam of my gloves. sent the glove back to the manufacturer (Mountain Hardwear) with the tape on. use it to cut purssik cords from longer rope. tape it where you want to cut it and then cut in the middle. that way there is no fraying of the sheath.
  20. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Gib Ledges 12/28/2004

    you certainly sneaked right into the window of opportunity. I headed up the day you were coming down. not much to write by way of a trip report for me. weather turned for the worse overnight between the 28th and 29th and there was no sense in attempting the summit after all that snow. Congratulations and great TR and pics!
  21. One Piece Suit

    sometimes your upper body is warm and the lower is not and vice versa. a one piece would not help much in those conditions. overkill for Rainier even in the winter in my earnest opinion.
  22. isn't it supposed to snow through wed? check out current conditions and the forecast. good luck and enjoy the trip if you go!
  23. WTB Pair of AT poles

    also check out www.livetoplay.com for some good deals on Leki poles.
  24. WTB Pair of AT poles

    got meself some Komperdell anti-shock adjustables at sierratradingpost, $36 a pair. I also have Leki Makalu anti shock adjustables and these don't seem any different. Komperdell is a reliable brand me thinks
  25. Glucosamine, yeah or nay?

    I've used it off and on for a while but from what little I know about cartilege and how it is built or sustained it would take several years of continuous use to replenish any of the material that builds cartilege. Any immediate effects are placebo effects.