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  1. Rope Up 2007

    Sing your praise commonfolk. Thou shalt preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil: thy presence of thine and the Lyger will be attending. May thou cup runneth over.
  2. Rope up

  3. Rope up

    I'll go with you if on these conditions: 1) I go. 2) I didn't drink excessively the night before. 3) I did drink excessively the fortnight. 4) You line the trail with rose petals. 5) It's not pissing or even tinkling rain. I know I my bargain is hard driven. You know how to contact me . . . to be continued dot dot dot
  4. [TR] Blood on the Cracks - IV 10d R

    Underwater basketweaving: The next EX-TREE-ME sport!
  5. [TR] Blood on the Cracks - IV 10d R

    Sooo elementree.
  6. [TR] Blood on the Cracks - IV 10d R

    They have pony rides for $5 there! What a rip off!
  7. [TR] Blood on the Cracks - IV 10d R

    Cook, I hear you discovered a new kind of dinosaur while up there? What do you call it?
  8. [TR] Blood on the Cracks - IV 10d R

    Call me and give me your number, I just got a phone!
  9. [TR] Blood on the Cracks - IV 10d R

    Hey man, we really miss you here. But thanks for the bed, I am finally not sleeping on the floor! I passed through the valley of Maples last sunday and tried to find your tree.
  10. Unfortunate Names

    It's Drew the Rockstar! who are you then kix? & Mike Layton, what Marylou said, & stop making fun of me & calling me a cock jockey. Mike, thine sole name blisters our tongues. Thou bawdy malmsey-nosed lewdster! Wherein the resonanating sound of Michael Layton is worthy but in nothing! I hate you.
  11. Unfortunate Names

    o, nevermind. My roomate is named after Bryon Adams. I think he might not like it when I hum "everything I do, I do it for you" whenever I run into him.
  12. Unfortunate Names

    whats the badger?
  13. Unfortunate Names

    Did you really just make it up? Or are you talking about the guy that burns incense when he climbs?
  14. Unfortunate Names

    Hey kix, do you know Drew Wang? The wangster? We are good friends. Had a brew with drew last evening.
  15. wanna ski this

    I know, try going under 'websites' on this site, that actually works. In the meantime . . . .