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  1. Sport vs Trad

    that's it, donald, hide yer head in your ummm sand. and if that doesn't work? "I'm not playing with YOU anymore!"
  2. flag@whitehouse.gov

    that might not be a bad idea. i think switzerland's doing it very well.... hey if you act like an ass and ignore people's legit points whilst simply calling them vulgur names (what would your children think?), yer gonna get blowback, alphie.
  3. flag@whitehouse.gov

    prole is the lefty answer to kkk. and i say this as someone who's seemingly more in agreement with his sentiments than not.
  4. flag@whitehouse.gov

    well alrighty then; carry on!
  5. flag@whitehouse.gov

    while the situation gets worse and worse.
  6. flag@whitehouse.gov

    nothing personal, but: you just CANNOT let a few privately owned companies control the entire spectrum of discourse (which is what they are desperately trying to do).
  7. flag@whitehouse.gov

    bullshit. don't buy into the republican agenda. the issue is as clear as ever: a public option.
  8. flag@whitehouse.gov

    "After he faced heckling during a heated discussion about health care at a forum on Thursday, Mr. Kagen was confronted by a vocal opponent named Heather Blish, who identified herself as “just a mom from a few blocks away” and “not affiliated with any political party.” When interviewed by the local NBC affiliate, Ms. Blish insisted she was not a member of the Republican Party. But her page on the networking Web site Linked In said she was the vice chairwoman of the Republican Party of Kewaunee County until last year and worked on the campaign of John Gard, a Republican who ran unsuccessfully against Mr. Kagen last year."
  9. flag@whitehouse.gov

    communism acomin' our way!
  10. flag@whitehouse.gov

  11. Sport vs Trad

    wtf? seriously, are you insane, as ivan says? you ARE a grave-robber: you go and dig up people's remains and cart them off for your own purposes ("well-published" author, teaching, etc). you rilly think the egyptians would be down with your gig? cuckoo, cuckoo. Get siked about sport-climbing and forget about the dead bodies, willya?
  12. flag@whitehouse.gov

    "If the effort continues, the Texas Republican is asking the administration to detail to Congress and the public the protocols employed by the White House on what they are doing with the data. He further inquires if the administration intends to notify the citizens reported for “fishy” speech." i hope obama plays their game and gives them exactly what they want (which would be presumably lotso info on pr campaigns backed by insurance co's.) it's not like it's gonna be friend to friend email that's being "reported" here, it's gonna be mass emailings funded by those wanting the system to stay the same. only if this (seemingly) ridiculous republican effort gains traction, of course.
  13. flag@whitehouse.gov

    seems the white house wants to know about disinformation programs by those opposing health care overhaul. presumably to address the propaganda. so, ummm, public information being accessed and collected by the gov, versus private information illegally collected by the gov. nice conflation, alkaheleke.
  14. Sport vs Trad

    i doubt any of you would post this kind of sheit if'n you had a kid suffering from developmental disabilities. that might be true, but that doesn't make it any less funny - if you can't laugh about the worst shit in life, how on earth are you going to keep from drinking the koolaid? actually i think it makes it WAY less funny. it's not like one is making fun of one's own tits, or bald head or somesuch; one's mocking a defenseless, the most defenseless, kid for their own ends. and using the old "oh you gotta laugh at the hard stuff" is a lame-ass defense here, and you're damn well smart enough to know it (cuz the cartoon's not even an example of that; far from it).
  15. flag@whitehouse.gov

    this sounds very evil and sinister. has obama gotten the phone companies on board yet? i can't wait for the Supreme Court ruling.
  16. Sport vs Trad

    Oh come on now tvashie, everyone knows you're the center of attention around here. well, at least someone thinks so.... btw, i like your photos. hover flies are my faves!
  17. Sport vs Trad

    i doubt any of you would post this kind of sheit if'n you had a kid suffering from developmental disabilities.
  18. Hey Billcoe

  19. Sport vs Trad

    oh it's somewhere not far from seattle....hidden in the trees....damn the whole wall overhangs about 20 to 30 degrees the whole way, 70 feet or so. we alls got lucky with this one. about 30 routes so far, all top shelf units. TOP SECRET though donald! oh and there's a 13a there that'd be PERFECT for you. it's mainly fitness without any rilly hard moves. you'd be SIKED! but don't worry: all bolting is done ground up by hand drill without even using hooks, and minimum bolt spacing is 50 feet. i'll post some photos! NO WAY! WE WERE FRIENDS! BEFORE YOU AND HIM WERE! ME AND POPE were TIGHT! we shared beta on The Razor, and the Tekau Problem, and did laps on Coach's Crack. He was my Buddy. by the way, i AM special. we all are. you are special too! love, kimmo
  20. Sport vs Trad

    firstly i'd like to thank you for the compliments concerning my aesthetics; i consider your opinion an advance in your evolution. secondly, i'd like to report on my progress today. i put a bolt above the crux, which definitely made it easier to work out. damn it's good! overhanging, with two slopey pinches and a heel-hook. trick is controlling the heel to a toe, then a controlled dyno to a high sloper right hand. actually hit the hold today! put the anchors in too, so the whole rig is ready to roll. 13c to an ok rest to a v11 boulder problem. as siked as i've ever been. just like UW rock like the old days, eh eric? have fun! love, kimmo
  21. Sport vs Trad

    good work people, keep it up. i'm off to put in a couple of bolts and hopefully finally nail the exit moves at the top of my route. wish me luck!
  22. Sport vs Trad

    oof, ok guys, i think the humor has gone a little stale. good night and sleep well.
  23. Sport vs Trad

    heh, try the gay stuff, and now move to the kindergarten stuff! you're out-doing yourself. actually, i'm not upset at all; i thought they covered "projection" (a psychological term!) in what, some class you took, or maybe those yoga classes you take? talk to your leader about it.
  24. Sport vs Trad

    does it matter? so tell me what area here, that is bolted, compares in your eyes to the grandeur that is j tree, and secondly, what area here is visually impacted even nearly as much as j tree? (white chalk on brown rock, shiny bolts contrasting heavily with brown rock....) i don't know, i just don't see it, but maybe you have input.
  25. Sport vs Trad

    no, but you're responsible for looking like an idiot. btw, excellent humor with the gay stuff there, guy. top shelf material!