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  1. Mt Olympus route beta?

    I heard that 2 or 3 weeks ago it was already challenging getting to the summit rock. Any info on the current state of the Blue Glacier? Thanks!
  2. Trip: Sahale Peak - Quien Sabe Glacier Date: 8/1/2009 Trip Report: My buddy and I planned on climbing Sahalee and Sharkin in the same day, car2car. We ended up climbing only Sahalee. We didn't find any boot tracks on the glacier and didn't encounter folks on the route. We had the glacier and peak just for ourselves We heard "on/off bealy" screams from Sharkin and saw a large group late in the afternoon. We left the car at 7:45am and returned 11 hours and a half later. The landscape there is so pretty I ended up taking 10x pictures compared to a typical climb (and thus stopping more often and longer than usual). Quien Sabe is a small glacier but it has character. We had to zig-zag around a few crevasses. Routefinding was not difficult, but wasn't boring, either. Early morning in Boston Basin A closer look at the Who Knows Glacier Johannesburgh and Snowking Forbidden and Eldorado Approaching the summit Last patch of snow and Boston Peak Looking down from Sahalee Peak towards Sahalee arm Eldorado from Sahalee Peak 4 climbers on Salahee Glacier Looking at the glacier route and Sahalee Peak Nice red color in the afternoon Boston Basin in the afteroon Sharkfin seen from Boston Basin Boston & Sahalee Peaks and waterfalls Last nice view before the torture Gear Notes: Heavy/long rope Did not use the picket, did not use the rock shoes and rock pro since we abandoned the plan to climb Sharkfin Approach Notes: Primitive trail. Biting flies do not mind deet. Approach seamed much longer than it really was. We really wanted to avoid coming down at night. Sharkfin will have to wait.
  3. Snowfield Peak - Sat/Sun?

    Access is from Diablo. Moderate glacier travel and a scramble to the top. The weather's supposed to turn better for the weekend. Anybody wanna join me?
  4. Snowfield Peak - Sat/Sun?

    Hi Doug, thanks for your reply. I'm currently trying to arrange a 2 day trip with another CC member. I'll ping you if those plans fall through.
  5. [TR] Sahale Peak - Quien Sabe Glacier 8/1/2009

    Oops, my first TR. I messed up the pictures. The link to them is here until I find out how to fix this: http://picasaweb.google.com/ominpom/Sahalee?authkey=Gv1sRgCJy5roi6z8zvPw#
  6. Would like to try the Ingraham Direct and/or Kautz this year. Have not climbed Hood, so I would consider it, too. Baker's always nice. I hiked up Adams 3 times, but never skied, so that's an option...
  7. Olympus 5/30-6/1

    Bummer, I cannot take a day off this coming Friday or Monday. Yeah, what's wrong with the weather lately?
  8. Baker North Ridge conditions?

    Has anybody gone up that route recently? Is it known to be doable late in the season? thanks!
  9. Ruth-Icy traverse partners this weekend

    Hey, kevino and pup, I'm up to the traverse next weekend, too.
  10. Did anybody climb Rainier over the long weekend? What was the weather like? Cloudy / whiteout? A friend from out of state wanted to come and climb with his buddies. I sent him links to weather forecast sites and he changed his plans. I hope he made the right decision...
  11. palin pregnancy

    dmuja, well said!
  12. Very nice pictures, Joe! I hadn't considered Mt Ruth & Icy until I saw your pictures but now I wanna go