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  1. I am a fairly experienced on piste tele skiier but want to do some backcountry and buy skins and all that. What kind of skiis should I buy that will work on and off piste. I am not a super aggressive skiier. Also I am 6'1" and weigh about 195 so what length should I look for. I'd like to get some used ones that are no older than 4 or 5 years. thanks for the advice.
  2. I have poached jackson hole a couple of times but I didn't have skins so I had to carry my tele boards on my shoulder and it appears the ski patrol was asleep both times.
  3. I want to do a bike tour at one or the other place. I'd like to leave this week if anyone's going. I'm taking amtrak back. I'll have a bike of course and bike camping gear. I live in Portland. if you're going to glacier from seattle I could get up to seattle. I'm an early middle aged guy who is a bit of a climber but more of a scrambler. I'm punctual and dependable as far as $$$ is concerned. please email me at kvgianakos@aol.com and include when you're leaving and your phone number. thanks Kevin
  4. A young scotsman named Peter Kinloch (sorry don't have the link) just summitted Everest then died 600 ft. below the top. Pretty sad the sherpas tried to help him for 12 hours but then had to leave him because of an approaching storm.
  5. keving


    Sorata is a lovely colonial town and is a climbing and trekking center. It's right at the base of one of the big ones (I forget the name).
  6. For the love of God could you learn how to spell?
  7. For the love of God could you learn how to spell?
  8. I'd like to climb Rainier this spring. I'm 48, in fair shape, I've been cycling and telemarking with my spring pass at the resort. I've been in the mountains a lot but don't have a ton of technical experience. Have climbed Grand Teton several times, Hood, scrambling in Alaska, a couple of guided climbs on glaciated peaks in Bolivia and Ecuador, (summitted Cotopaxi at 19,300 ft.), and I've been trekking at altitude in Nepal. So if you're looking for someone with the know how to carry out a complex crevasse rescue I am not the guy but I'm quite confident I could climb Rainier. I am unemployed but I have funds so I am very flexible as far as dates but I will be on a trip to the midwest from may 12 to 18. Hope to hear from someone.
  9. hello matt, I have the time. I'm on the dole. (unemployed). I don't have that much experience technically except for a little in tetons and a couple of guided climbs on big peaks in south america. But I have been in the mountains a lot. I'm 45 and in moderate to good shape. live in portland but could meet you. No internal combustion propulsion presently.
  10. I'm 43, in fair shape. I am not an expert in glacier travel but have been on a couple of guided climbs involving glacier travel. Am careful with rockfall, etc. I've been a little ways above Camp Muir. Very flexible with dates. I live in Portland Kevin 503 989 6036
  11. I'd like to go. Be happy to chip in for gas. Call me at 503 314 9941 lv your number if no answer. Kevin
  12. Me and a guy want to do the dis. cleaver route on rainier. Is it necessary to bring pickets, deadmen, etc? I hope not cause I don't have any of that stuff. How about just an extra ice axe?
  13. Hi I live in Portland too, was just up at Rainier high camp but was by myself Am unemployed but might be working soon. I'm 42 but not too fat. Call me at 503 314 9941 as I prefer talking to typing
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