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  1. In my experience, most "pro deals" are at wholesale or even 5-10% above. Deals below wholesale are for the truly deserving - sponsored athletes (i.e., they have a contract with the manufacturer) or sponsored organizations (ditto).



    i get 20% off wholesale at all times from patagonia, 10% off wholesale from BD, twice a year BD runs a shop employee special at 20-30% off wholesale, i've even seen companies do %40 off wholesale for limited times.


    i am not truly deserving, just work in a ski shop.


    For purposes of your post, what is wholesale compared to retail? 50%?

  2. worst-episode-ever.jpg


    Just kidding. It was interesting, I'll say that. Made me curious to learn more about slot canyons and find out just how rare they are. I kind of assumed that slot canyons and waterfalls were ... things ... that exist. But apparently not in such configuration? Anyway, What kind of rock was that thing in? It looks more like some kind of fault block that had tipped up rather than limestone or sandstone that had worn away. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_canyon

  3. Eh... Here's a hint: how about next time you just tell us WTF you found and share the details.... otherwise keep it to yourself and go whore up the biggest media outlet that will listen to you.


    We probably don't need to hear that you found something neat if you're not going to share the details.






  4. Thanks. The old girl is looking pretty good in her advanced age. Mountainproject, in comparison, hasn't changed much since 2006, and it's not any better for it.

  5. Are there any archived photos available of cc.com prior to the redesign? I realized the other night that I can't even remember what it looked like before 2012 - and I had visited for 8 years prior to that. It feels, as Ivan would say, that we've always been at war with Oceania.

  6. Cue the dubstep in your lowered Subaru WRX, my terrain park friends:


    Drones are coming to Timberline Ski area this winter! baa baa




    "Timberline is excited to partner with Cape Productions to offer aerial drone video service. With a variety of different packages available for purchase, skiers and snowboarders can sign up to have a drone safely follow and film them on the mountain. Cape Productions editors take the best footage from the runs combined with music, visual effects, close-up and landscape footage to produce a professional-grade video. More information to come as details are finalized. (Due to safety concerns for all, Timberline prohibits the use of drones by the general public.) - See more at: http://www.timberlinelodge.com/whats-new/#sthash.nc69HU7R.dpuf"


    Given the gusts of wind that rake the mountain, what will keep all of these buggers from getting blown into the White River canyon?



  7. Good Planet Money episode recently on why we can't bet on elections (in America). Historically, when betting on elections was permitted, the odds proved to be quite accurate in predicting the eventual winner.


    I believe there are gambling houses across the pond that do offer odds on our elections, however - anybody see any odds on ol' Bern they'd be willing to share?


    Aside: I donate five dollars to Bernie's campaign for every negative comment from KK, so keep at it, chum!

  8. I have a few weeks off in September beginning 9/6 and am open to alpine objectives.


    I've always wanted to climb Mount Olympus but haven't felt like knocking out the long approach in a day and gunning for the summit the next morning. So does anyone want to join me for a Long Slow Deliberate expedition style slog up to Glacier Meadows and upward? I'm assuming (having not researched it) that the route may be out of condition. If it's passable but icy, we can haul enough gear to compensate - that's the beauty of the long slow distance method.


    Anyway, send me a message. I'm open to other ideas too, like kayaking, rafting, moderate trad adventure climbing ...

  9. Non-scientific, but I took a new set of G14 crampons out on Kautz Route on Tahoma a few weeks ago, and was surpised by how much dulling occurred even during the brief DC descent on ground pumice. This was with barely any walking on the DC itself - the crampons were left on just long enough to cross off the snow and take 'em off.