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  1. I've been noticing recently Timberline is heavily advertising "no camping" in their lot. For those of us who have used the lot over the years as a convenient launching pad for ski mountaineering early morning missions, this is troubling if enforced.

    Does anyone have any more info? Why so serious, Timberline? 

  2. Bummmmp.


    Let's get the remaining books sold. They look cool on my shelf, but they'd look better on yours.


    "It was not about being a 'hard' climber, not a challenge to prove how good we were, but a pure and simple test of ourselves. That moment when I knew I was strong enough and powerful enough, mentally and physically, to overcome the obstacles in front of me came as a rushing exultation, a joyous realization that this was why I was here. George Mallory once wrote after succeeding on a climb, 'We're not exultant: but delighted, joyful: soberly astonished ... Have we vanquished an enemy? None but ourselves ..." I was meant to be there. I became entranced, absorbed in the game of reading the ice. The feeling of invincibility was infused with the wondrous irrationality of what I was doing - immutable, anarchic living, the essence of climbing, of simply being."


    (Joe Simpson, The Beckoning Silence)

  3. A buddy did Lassen last Wednesday (June 8, 2016) and it looked like pretty good skiing. I saw pics and there was plenty of snow. the park is pretty cool, too - has geothermal features and is way out the middle of nowhere. Looked like a reasonable solo.


    Plus what all these other guys said.