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  1. Reduced: Black Diamond Black Prophet Ice Axe

    Did Chouinard use that ice axe?
  2. Dude, I'm still pissed at you over your Upper Chetco River paddle descent and now this!!! Uncool!
  3. are they too big for you or too small? I lean towards a size 13 street shoe but have some flexibility with certain 12 and 12.5 sizes.
  4. Trail Maintenance Day at Beacon Rock State Park

    He he, no zombie flesh; I bathed with Tecnu soap!
  5. Trail Maintenance Day at Beacon Rock State Park

    Team # 2. I will have trash bags and will stop off at home depot to pick up some wood screws and nails.
  6. Hood conditions right now?

    I hear it's in!
  7. FS: BD Vipers

    I assume you have more than one leash? I think your price is a little above market - but if you want to come down a skoch, send me a PM.
  8. So the pack was dropped off 3 or 4 months ago, and the Vancouverite is now looking to return it to the rightful owner?
  9. Poison Ivy?

    I washed my clothes and bedding with TecNu because the rash was spreading long after the initial exposure, and I believe I was re-exposing myself to the oil through some contaminated belongings. After I did this the spreading stopped. All the haters are right - I suppose it is hard to distinguish correlation from causation, without more scientific evidence. Personally I'd rather drop $14 than visit the doctor for steroids or bathe in bleach. And it's made in Oregon, so that's a plus.
  10. Poison Ivy?

    As someone who was recently p0wned by poison oak at Beacon Rock I second the TecNu soap recommendation. My rash was arguably getting worse until I invested in some. Forget about benadryl.
  11. FS: Mountain Hardwear, Martmot, TNF...

    Where are you located?
  12. Portland Ice Festival 2012

    okay, but you have to admit, for a pretty damn good reason.
  13. Beacon

    oh yeah he left some $ for you for the shoes!
  14. Beacon

    buddy's a biologist and has fantastic luck. you're probably just too focused on the rock, what all with your free soloing!
  15. Beacon

    Ran a lap on SE Corner yesterday with Dennis H (thanks!) and a friend from out of town. Marveled at the white sand beaches on the island below (exposed by low H2O level), mama bear and cub on the train tracks, herd of elk in the slough, and falcon hitting pigeon right by the belay stance. No wind to speak of, glorious sun, and no BNSF trains all day. Then we met the mayor in the parking lot. Friend bought Dennis's shoes and is now asking me about books to learn about trad climbing ... hooked!
  16. The NW Disconnect

    Where, LA? Just looking for suggestions
  17. Bouldering *New Climber*

    what's really to learn when it comes to indoor climbing?
  18. Bouldering *New Climber*

    the climbing casanovas on this site will be quick to offer their patronage. Of course, I would too, but I'm in Portland.
  19. BD Vipers (new style) $275

    I usually dont... but sometimes it feels like it'll help ward off others from making potentially better offers. do you have your phone or what?
  20. BD Vipers (new style) $275

    PM sent, although I'm not sure why people post such a message in the thread.
  21. **SOLD** Silvretta 404 AT Bindings

    North Vancouver BC?
  22. Stupid Ass Climbing Trend

    As the follower, I can attest that there was an X marked on I-Rock itself, which was loose, in its entirety. So the X was helpful.
  23. FOUND: Camera at Lena Lake TH with climber photo

    Or the object of the camera owner's desire!
  24. Yosemite Valley actually in WA state

    Baby Tax and licensing as well.