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  1. La Sportiva - TRANGO S EVO - 47 - $250

    Never used? I guess they come dirty and disheveled from the store, then. Like distressed jeans.
  2. New in shrink-wrapped box, Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 3 TB External hard drive. I purchased this from Office Depot last summer (8/13/2012) and have not opened it. I paid $179 and have the original receipt. This appears to be the same model that retails for $175 on amazon. STAM3000100. http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-FreeAgent-GoFlex-External-STAM3000100/dp/B004E3XP42 Possible trades (or partial trade) include trekking poles / backcountry ski poles, backcountry stove (MSR multi fuel or pocket rocket (butane canister)), softshell jacket (size large), rock climbing shoes (sz 13), down jacket (puffy, size large, preferably with hood). Also La Sportiva mountaineering boots. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/sys/4096919427.html
  3. sorry man. How much would it cost REI to through a left-over GoPro camera up in the corner of that garage and hook it up to a left over hard drive and put it on loop? Next to nothing, I'll bet. that might deter a few folk. I'll bet they spent as much on their disclaimer signs.
  4. Beacon

    any beatards up for a climb this weekend? I will lead SE Corner or you lead YW and I follow. Or whatever other project you have in mind. I have gear, car, and beer money. Usual partners are fishing or something.
  5. Sent a PM. I'm available this week as well.
  6. you're kidding, right?
  7. Guide Books For Sale $10

    which Smith Rock edition?
  8. Glacier National Park

    I strongly recommend getting backcountry sleeping permits ahead of time. Source: Personal experience.
  9. This explains everything!

    That was funny.
  10. [TR] Hood - Leuthold 5/12/2013

    Nice work amigos!
  11. Large Arc'teryx Bora 95

    I sent you a PM.
  12. how to burn fat

    Kimmo, which of Tvash's prescriptions do you disagree with? Look pretty much spot-on to me. Going running now ...
  13. how to burn fat

    Still here. I made it to about 1:09 last night and will finish tonight. Interesting, thanks.
  14. how to burn fat

    What's AT?
  15. I run about 12.5-13 US street size and these fit me. Cool design - the padded tongue velcros to the leather which goes under the laces. I don't think La Sportiva makes 'em this burly any more. $75, local pickup (Portland) only.
  16. La Sportiva Nepal Tops - Sz. 46

    no; planning to though ...
  17. La Sportiva Nepal Tops - Sz. 46

    $75 OBO. I just want to pass these along to some Little Lebowski Urban Achiever who needs them more than I for slogs up Adams, Hood, and the like.
  18. Here it is. the mother of all storm shelters. I bought her on this site about 7 years ago. All of the seams are taped, with the exception of where the hood meets the body of the jacket. I've taken it up Rainier, Hood, Adams, South Sister - all without a hitch. The fabric is less water repellent than I would like. It might just need a DWR wash and a trip to the Arc'Teryx factory. But I'd like to pass it on as I'm thinking about investing in a softshell. I don't think it would be fair to ask for money for this jacket and I've thought about just giving it away. But before I'd do that, I'd just throw it in my car and leave it there. So, what you got to trade? I'm interested in relics, old Himalayan expedition memorabilia, posters or banners for the bare-ass walls in my apartment ... a gri gri ... size 13 rock shoes that are more aggressive than my mythos but less aggressive than my anasazis ... let me know if you want more pictures!
  19. thanks all for the interest. dealing with a couple things on the home front and i will get back to folks.
  20. It's GoreTex XCR. Also, I'm interested in some Fritschi Freerides (I know right? Who is these days? I already have Dynafits and want something more stupidproof)
  21. Beacon

    Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!
  22. very enjoyable, and concise. "Pack bomb"; love it.
  23. Lost: PL 400 Outdoor research glove

    did you ascend over on the climber's right near the WRG canyon? I went that way and didn't see it.
  24. Beacon

    I'll do a lap on SE Corner with you if my date doesn't materialize