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  1. Had a dyneema sling and a BD Wiregate 'biner attached. Fell around 7000' elevation.
  2. Thanks Seamstress; that's funny and the perfect response. :-)
  3. Mountain Hardware South Col 70L Pack

    Text sent.
  4. Alright, this sounds like spam or malware, but I want to know the "1 weird trick" to burn belly fat (or any fat). Supposedly Mark Twight discusses a method for burning fat without burning through your glycogen or blood sugar in the course of a workout in his Extreme Alpinism book, but I had to take it back to the library before I found out what it was. I want to use my workouts to reduce fat and my body weight, but I don't think I can bring the kind of intensity needed to train to fully deplete my glycogen stores and start burning fat reserves. Any suggestions? (And please forgive my crude analogies and undoubtedly incorrect assumptions about metabolism and fitness ... feel free to correct as necessary)
  5. how to burn fat

    I'm still fat.
  6. Full AT setup needed (shop for me please)

    the problem is the thick fog of marketing gibberish that obscures everything in the ski industry. It seems like every product is touted as "race" or "extreme!" or "all mountain!" even if in reality it's intended for a beginner who is just getting their feet wet in the sport. As a result, you can't really discern what you need. [end rant] So - couple questions 1A.) What is your downhill skiing ability? 1.B) Is comfort more important than weight to you? 2.) Is cost an object for you? 3.) Will you be able to hide this purchase from your wife / girlfriend / aging parents?
  7. I believe they can be rented on the island. great pictures and good inspiration.
  8. I am interested in climbing Mt. Olympus this spring / summer. I grew up hiking all around the Olympics but have never climbed the big O. This climb's remoteness, unique ecology, and scenic value all entice me. I can't get my regular climbing partners interested in it. I am capable of safe glacier travel and leading the short bit of technical rock climbing on the summit block. I have climbed all of our Volcanoes except Baker, Shuksan, and Glacier Peak (is that a volcano?). Although I don't want this to be an international peace expedition in terms of gear load, I don't care if we go minimalist or not as I'd prefer a relaxed pace to savor my time in the incomparable Hoh valley. That said we should be able to cover the 18 mile approach in a long day. let me know if any interest ... I'm thinking of making this at least a 4 day weekend as I'll be coming from Portland.
  9. Mount Olympus ONP - Spring / Summer

    last weekend in July, Kris. We have a group of three but could become 4.
  10. how ya doin?

    that is really good.
  11. you have both right and left zip? how much use has it seen? How stored? when purchased? etc.
  12. On the Internet, nobody knows that you're a dog. Woof woof!
  13. BB- I was 3:10 t-line to summit in full-shanked sportivas today. Will try for 2:40 before season end.
  14. All true, too. You'll smash the record next time.
  15. Water, good to see you last night and keep fighting the good fight. we'll have the hills ready for your triumphant return.
  16. Mount Olympus ONP - Spring / Summer

    ARBrandon - No block of dates in mind - I just need a little lead time (say, 3 weeks) and I can probably request and be granted the time off if my department is adequately staffed up. We have a big project this summer that will be determining our schedules, so I will know more once that begins in earnest. but for now it's safe to say I'm flexible. Early is probably better. (Better for bugs, too, in the Olympics!) .chad - I could do three summits - but truthfully I haven't researched what additional logistics this option presents - could you let me know? thanks for interest.
  17. Mount Olympus ONP - Spring / Summer

    I could also do the Valhalla approach if interested.
  18. the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint.
  19. SOLD: Canon 60D DSLR & Lens with many extras

    second dibs. This will make a nice gift for the old man.
  20. FS or Trade: Outdoor Research Alibi Men's Softshell Jacket, Medium Hey gang. I bought this jacket via the site a couple months ago. I really, really like it for ski mountaineering jaunts, jogging, and biking. It's too small for me though. The sleeves on this medium are a little too short for me and it's a little tight in the shoulders / pits. (I'm a lanky 6'1".) I would sell for $75+shipping or trade for a larger softshell of comparable quality. (I would love to trade for a "large" in this same jacket.) Prefer local (Portland) trade but can ship if necessary. I was drawn to this jacket's unique features, such as lighter fabric on the back (the assumption being you're wearing a pack and need more breathability back there), poncho zips on both sides allowing for great venting, and a stowable liner hood that fits easily under a bike helmet. the poncho zips are a lot easier to use with gloves on than pit zips. That said, I was caught out in a shower the other day and surprised how water resistant it is. It's the right compromise between wind and waterproofness and breathability. It has some other nice touches, such as: interior fitted sleeve to block the wind. (Does not have thumbloops) an inner zippered "security" pocket with an iPod / headphone cable port adjustable hem adjustable hood with bill two napoleon-style pockets sitting high above the harness etc. overall I've been impressed with OR's attention to detail as well as customer service. They just replaced the main zipper on this jacket - the prior one lost a few teeth as I zipped it up. Anyways, it's a neat looking jacket and I've received compliments on it. I admire OR for willing to do something a little more thoughtful, too. It's not just some swatch of fabric with a zipper thrown on and dubbed "softshell". PM or respond to post. Thanks! liner hood stows in its own pocket when not in use one of poncho side zips is visible in the picture above Outer cuff rolled back to show inner liner cuff
  21. One fix for seattle needed

    my mom's on the list. She earns it.
  22. FS: OR, MH and Montbell jackets

    interested in the Dragon, can you post some pictures?