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  1. Looking for Beta on conditions and route. Can you help me? Thinking of heading that way next weekend.
  2. Anyone been up Glacier Peak recently

    Still looking for information. Did anyone get out there this past weekend?
  3. [TR] Shuksan - Sulphide Glacier 5/16/2015

    thank you. We are looking to do in a couple of weeks. I will check back then. Sounds like things are changing quickly this year. Appreciate the update
  4. [TR] Shuksan - Sulphide Glacier 5/16/2015

    Looks amazing Thank you for the report. Any crevasses visible?
  5. Trip: Middle Sister - Hayden Date: 6/7/2015 Trip Report: Went in on Saturday. It was very hot. No snow until we hit camp. The river water felt delicious and tasted good too. Should have started hiking earlier. Hit by the mosquitoes about 3 miles down the trail. Got out of camp at 5am to beat the heat. On snow all of the way from camp; cramponed up the entire way. Excellent boot track up the summit pyramid laid the day before by some skiers. On the summit at 9am with only 2 other climbers. Excellent views both north and south. Passed a few others on our decent. Down and out by 2pm. Great day.
  6. Middle Sister Beta

    Has anyone been up there recently? I have never done the Hayden nor Renfrew routes. Looking to see if there is access and what conditions might be. Thank you.
  7. If you by chance have found my Leki pole on Hood (orange and Black super light weight). My name is Pat and my number id 503 803 8742. I would greatly appreciate reuniting it with it';s mate.
  8. Mt Hood

    KevinC71, Thank you Thank you. We had a great day and summitted taking the route you described. Conditions were perfect. We saw only 4 others from the hogsback and back again. I love midweek climbing. Thank you again for your help.
  9. Mt Hood

    thank you. Your day looks amazing. Still not sure exactly which chute but hope to find when we get up there. Did you see folks going around crater rock to the left to come into route you took up? Thanks again, pc
  10. Mt Hood

    Anyone been up the Old Chute or pearly gates this past weekend and have information on the conditions, Bergstrum (sp?), or any other Beta to share? Are folks roping up or is there a staircase? What is the traverse on the top of the chute looking like?
  11. The Mazamas and Winter Wildlands will be hosting a Backcountry Ski Film Festival Jan 15th at 7:30pm at the Mazama Mountaineering Center(527 SE 43th Ave.). Epic Films, beer and a raffle. Please join us.
  12. My boyfriend left the sunglasses he has owned for 40 years at camp. If you have found them please call me 503 803 8742 thank you.
  13. Shuksan this weekend

    Anyone with Beta on the Shannon ridge trail and or Sulphide glacier? Greatly appreciated.
  14. Middle Sister

    Wondering if anyone has been up lately? I am looking for Beta. Thinking of trying it this weekend. Have not decided on Route. wondering if it is worth bringing skies? thank you
  15. Trip: shasta - clear creek Date: 5/23/2014 Trip Report: Climbed Shasta over Memorial day up the Clear creek route on the south side. Hiked in on Friday ~2000 feet, skinned the last half into base camp. Saturday started up early. We carried our skies to mushroom rock and left them. Being kind of new to AT the remainder of the route felt a bit to steep to us There was snow for our tent to the summit. great sunny day. came back down and skied from Mushroom to tent ~4000 feet. Great gentle terrain. Spent another night and skied out the next day. No photos as I haven't figured it out yet. Highly recommend this route for beginner AT. The crowds were no where close to Avalanche gulch. Gear Notes: skies, crampons and an ice axe
  16. Looks like it had been there a while. Large ski boots inside along with camping gear. Brought it down with us though a great deal of it has gotten weathered. Call if you think it might be yours 503 803 8742.
  17. Beta on Tatoosh needed

    Anybody been up there lately? what's it looking like? Avy issues? Dreaming of Unicorns this weekend.......
  18. Adams Approach Beta

    It's the 13th - are we there yet?
  19. Anybody been up to Lane?

    Does anything look in??
  20. Anybody been up to Lane?

    thanks for the help. weather looking iffy - will try again later season, but greatly appreciate the response.
  21. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman Headwall 8/1/2010

    Great TR Steve, Thank you for sharing.
  22. I've done neither of these routes. Heading up later this week. Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share with me information like: if there is running water in camp, any unusual hazards, UTM of camps, etc. thanking you in advance!
  23. thank you. Sounds like the thing to do is leave early and take all your food with you - and maybe the hiking poles too.
  24. Redpoint Climbers Supply of Smith Rock Robbed

    I am sorry for your loss of $$ and energy. Intrusion is a hard thing to recover from. I am glad you are safe and no one was hurt. I recommend you let all climbing shops and gyms know. Had a friend get used demo shoes ripped from his car. The thiefs tried to sell to PRG. They caught them because PRG knew of the robbery and helped set up a trap. Hopefully there is a way to find those that did this. Even if they do not - I am a firm believer in karma.
  25. I was so impressed by the top 10 reading list I thought I would ask for help on selecting text for a Trad/Alpine rock class I am helping with. Yes of course Freedom of the Hills and John Long's newer anchor book. But what about something that covers generally - something that could be used as a text book. What book would you tell your newest climbing partners - the one that can top rope or maybe even clean - but wants to learn to lead?..... (appreciate all feed back)