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  1. SORRY!!! I DIDN"T KNOW ABOUT THE EBAY RULE! I tried to delete the post, but couldn't because there was a reply. The boots are the old model (gray color not black). Euro Size 42.5, Men's US 9. They have been worn twice during short hikes to break them in. They are too narrow for my feet. They retailed for $325 two years ago when I bought them. I'm asking $150.
  2. If anyone has been up the Easton lately, I'd appreciate any info about the approach and climbing conditions. There hasn't been much posted here, the last up-date on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest site was on June 4. I spoke with the Ranger Station who didn't have much info other than FS #13 is snow covered 3/4 mile from the trailhead, there is 4 feet of snow at the trailhead and the bridge wasn't in and expect to get your feet wet. We are flying into Seattle next weekend and were planning on starting our trip on Baker. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. colchuch lake trailhead/enchantments snow

    I just called the Leavenworth Ranger Station, he said the road is clear to Eightmile Trailhead and a 4-wheel drive will get you to the Colchuck trailhead. Does anyone have trail conditions to Colchuck Lake or route conditions for the Colchuck Glacier. Thanks.
  4. Beckey sighting

    Does anyone know if that picture is on-line?
  5. Kautz Glacier - Ice Pitches

    I was referring to the "two pitches of 50 to 60 degree frozen snow or hard glacial ice" that Mike Gauthier mentions in the route description in his guide book. This area starts at the bottom of the ice gully where you move left around the bottom of the ice cliff.
  6. We're planning on attempting the Kautz Glacier this weekend and would appreciate any information about the conditions and length of the ice pitches in the chute above the base of the ice cliff. Are tools required or can they be climbed with an axe. For pro, pickets? or do we need to also bring screws? Thanks