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  1. RIAA Suspects Pirates on Crack

    Training Vid The short story: A leaked training video from the RIAA tells U.S. prosecutors they should bust music pirates because it'll lead them to "everything from handguns to large quantities of cocaine [and] marijuana," not to mention terrorists and murderers. Better stop keeping your burned Metallica disks under the WMDs
  2. SQUID

    If anyone has seen CG recently, or can get ahold of him, tell him to send me an e-mail. Sorry to clutter up the top-quality spray with this, but the bastard won't reply to me and the low-jack fell off a long time ago. (Plus I'm on a different continent and this is the only thing I can think of he would consistently check). Commence with the sarcastic comments... now.
  3. FS: Two pairs of skis and bindings $250

    Post deleted
  4. <Edit: These are now in storage>
  5. age question.

    Skip 19, it's just an awkward age.
  6. Booty

    But was it used as a bail piece? If it was, it's probably still in good condition and could be returned.
  7. Airplane pulling the banner over Seattle right now

    Not in my fridge.
  8. Airplane pulling the banner over Seattle right now

    Could be worse. They could be dragging excerpts of War and Peace behind the plane.
  9. Here's one for the boys

    I didn't know Keds made climbing shoes! I gotta get me a pair of those for my Tooth redpoint.
  10. Girlfriend climber....?

    Who the hell moves TO oly anyway? Especially to the outskirts. Someone hook this guy up with OlyClimber!
  11. Exit 38 this evening

    The doctor can prescribe some pills for that period problem you seem to...... be.......... having.........
  12. Spray bitches...

    Fuck you, you fucking fuck! On a side note: I like how any time someone wants a post seen, they have to reference it in spray first
  13. Lead low grade class 5 and 4 rock climbs??

    Guess I should read a little bit before assuming that everyone is from Seattle. Disregard my suggestions, they are for local Washington things that are NOT worth a drive from OR. I don't know squat about what's around Portland. Spending a couple hours online should help some as well for the gear and anchor placements. Check some of the posts in the Trip Reports section of this site. If you see any you like check out www.summitpost.org for additional info.
  14. Gear stolen in Hamilton......

    well, if you would just keep 'em to yourself instead of leavin them out flappin in the wind!
  15. Lead low grade class 5 and 4 rock climbs??

    The Tooth can be done simply with a bunch 'o slings (don't need any pro) and approach shoes. All the trees you can sling, and only one real 5th class move. You may find more 5th class difficulty on a weekend, but that'll just be climbing over all the other people on the route. There are a couple of easy cracks at exit 32 on one of the REPO walls that can be toproped. You can TR crack systems that cover all but the largest gear. A couple of places near the base that you can make anchors on too. [Edited to say: I'm a moron. These are not OR suggestions]